8 Letter Words Starting with L that You Might Know!

Are your children speaking a lot? Do you plan to strengthen their stock of words with some new words?

If you are thinking that it is quite important to strengthen the communication skills of your children, then you must start teaching them some new words at an early age to help them develop a vast and strong vocabulary.

If you feel the same way, then, let us talk about some interesting 8 letter words that start with the letter L.

Here we go…

List Of 8-Letter Words Starting With L

Incredible 8 Letter Words Starting With L For Kids
laageredsimple past and past participle of laager, a defensive encampment encircled by wagons
laaitiesplural of laaitie, meaning a young person, especially male
Labadiesplural of Labadie, a surname
Labadismthe religious practices of the Labadists
Labadista member of a 17th-century Protestant religious community movement founded by Labadie
labdanuma sticky brown resin obtained from species of rockrose, used mainly in perfume
labelersplural of labeler, meaning a person or device that produces or affixes labels
labelinga set of labels applied to many objects in a system/ the act of categorizing something by class
labeledto have appointed a person to a position/ past tense for to attach a label to
labellumthe lower central petal of a flower, usually developed to be showy and attract pollinators
labiallyin a labial manner/ by means of the lips
labiatedalternative of labiate, meaning having lips or liplike parts/ of, or belonging to the mint family
labilityliable to change regularly or unexpectedly
laborersworkers, especially for a given organization/ employees working on a physical construction site
laboringactively engaged in an assigned task or duty/ present participle for to agonize over something
laborismthe development of an organization of workers to campaign for better working conditions 
laborista physician who aids labor and delivery but does not provide parental care
laboritea supporter of a labor movement/ member of a political party supporting labor
laborousobsolete form of laborious, meaning requiring much physical effort/  painstaking
laboureddone with difficulty, or requiring great effort/ extravagant in language, style, or manner
Labovianof or relating to William Labov, American linguist 
labradora dog of a medium to large breed, popular as guide dogs and in other service
labroidsplural of labroid, meaning belonging to the family Labridae of marine fishes, often colorful
labruscathe fox grape
labrysesplural for a double-headed axe in Minoan mythology
laburnumany tree of genus Laburnum, they have bright yellow flowers and are poisonous
Lacanianof, pertaining to, or resembling the psychoanalytical views of Jacques Lacan
lacebarkany of various New Zealand plants in the genus Hoheria
lacelesswithout laces
lacelikemade of lace or decorated with it
lacerateto make a long, deep cut in/ to tear, rip, or wound/ to shake or seize by the throat
lacertidany lizard of the family Lacertidae
lacewingany of a number of gauzy-winged insects of certain families within the order Neuroptera
lacewoodany of several types of wood with a coarse texture, that from varieties of sycamore
laceworka network of fine threads, constructed by a spider/ a length of strands woven together
Lachesisone of the three Fates, daughter of Zeus and Themis
lacinessthe quality of being lacy
laciniaethe narrow, irregular pieces which form a fringe on the borders of some flowers’ petals
lackadayan expression of grief or regret
lacklanda person who does not own land
lackeredsimple past tense and past participle of lacker, meaning one who is lacking
lackeyedsimple past tense and past participle of lackey, meaning a footman/ a servile follower
Laconiana subdialect of the Doric dialect of Ancient Greek, most notably spoken by the Spartans
laconismthe state of being speechless/ concise and exact use of words in speech or writing
lacquersto apply varnish or glaze to a surface
lacrimala vase intended to hold tears, formerly used by archaeologists to designate certain urns
lactealsrelating to milk/ relating to, or containing chyle
lacteousresembling, or related to, milk
lactificproducing or yielding milk
Goofy 8 Letter Words Starting With L For Kids
lactogena polypeptide placental hormone, with structure similar to those of growth hormone.
lactonesplural of lactone, meaning a cyclic intramolecular ester derived from a hydroxy acid
lactonicof, relating to, or derived from, lactone
lactosesplural for a disaccharide containing glucose and galactose units/ plural for a starch or sugar 
lacunarsplural of lacunar, meaning a sunken panel or coffer in a ceiling or a soffit
lacunaryof, pertaining to, or having characteristics of a lacuna
lacunatehaving lacunae or gaps
lacunosefull of gaps or lacunae
ladderedpast tense for to rip or tear, especially a garment
ladettesplural for a young woman who behaves in a laddish manner, especially being boisterous
ladifiedsimple past tense and past participle of ladify, meaning to make ladylike
Ladiniana subdivision of the Triassic period
ladlefula quantity taken up by a scoop
ladronesplural for a person usually mounted on horseback who robbed travelers on public roads
ladybirdany of the Coccinellidae family of beetles, having a round shape and yellow spotted elytra
ladyboystransgender individuals who were assigned male at birth but present themselves as female
ladybugsplural of the Coccinellidae family of beetles, having a round shape and yellow spotted elytra
ladyhoodthe quality or state of being a lady
ladylovea woman who is loved by someone/ a love interest, usually in an extramarital relationship
ladyshipterm of respect, usually to royalty
LaetitiaThe goddess of gaity/ a female given name/ short for 39 Laetitia, a main belt asteroid
laetrilea drug, derived from the amygdalin of apricot kernels
laevulinalternative form of levulin, meaning a substance resembling dextrin
lageringthe stage in the manufacture of a lager beer when it is stored at a low temperature
laggardsplural for a person who makes slow progress and falls behind others/ a person who is lazy
laggingsplural for the covering of something, either as insulation or for protection/ lapse of time
lagnappealternative form of lagniappe, meaning an extra or unexpected gift or benefit
lagoonalof or pertaining to a lagoon, especially one behind a coral reef
Lagosianof or relating to Lagos in Nigeria
laicallyadverb for lay, relating to laypersons, as opposed to clerical
laicisedsimple past and past participle of laicise, meaning to reduce from clergy to layman
laicisesthird-person singular simple present indicative form of laicise
laicismsplural of laicism, meaning secularism
laicizedsimple past and past participle of laicize, meaning to reduce from clergy to layman
laidbackrelaxed and easy-going/ an absence of stress or worry
lairagesa place where sheep or cattle may be rested during transit to a market or abattoir
lairiestsuperlative form of lairy
lairisedsimple past tense and past participle of lairise
lairisesthird-person singular simple present indicative form of lairise
laitancea layer of fine particles of cement and other materials, that forms due to improper finishing
lakebedsplural of lakebed, the bottom of a lake, especially after the lake has gone dry
lakelandterrain with many lakes
lakeletsplural for a small stream of running water
lakelikeresembling a lake or some aspect of one
lakeporta port located on a lake
lakesidethe ground near the edge of a lak/the land adjacent to a lake/ beachfront or waterfront
lalalandthe fictional place where wandering, dreaming minds are metaphorically said to end up
Lallworta phonemically basic word, which is easy for kids to pronounce
lallygagto move or progress slowly, failing to keep up with others
Lamanitea member of the group of descendants of Laman who live in the Americas 
Lamannasplural of Lamanna, a surname
Amusing 8 Letter Words Starting With L For Kids
lamantinsea cow
lamaserya building or buildings occupied by a community of monks living under religious vows
lambadasplural of lambada, or the act of hitting something or someone with a piece of club
lambasteto criticize someone or something harshly/ to strike or hit repeatedly
lambaststo reprimand severely
lambchopa chop or rib of lamb/ a term of endearment
lambdoidshaped like the Greek letter lambda
lambencythe state or quality of being bright or illuminated
lambertsplural of lambert, the brightness of a surface that emits one lumen per square centimeter
lambiestsuperlative form of lamby, meaning resembling or characteristic of a lamb or lamb meat
lambingsplural of lambing
lambkilla flowering evergreen shrub, Kalmia latifolia, in the family Ericaceae
lambkinsplural for a young or little lamb
lamblikehaving a considerate or kindly disposition/ prepared to obey others unquestioningly
lamblinga young or little lamb
lambskinthe skin of a very young sheep, especially prepared with the fleece still attached 
lamellaeplural for a thin, plate-like structure/ plural for a thin, shaved off slice of wood, metal etc.
lamellarcovered in scales
lamellasplural for a thin, plate-like structure/ plural for a thin, shaved off slice of wood, metal etc.
lamenessthe state or condition of being unconvincing or implausible/ a state of being weak
lamentedto have shed tears/ past tense for to feel or express regret, grief or disappointment
lamentersomeone filled with or expressing grief or sadness, especially over a death
lamantinthe several plant-eating marine mammals, of family Trichechidae, found in tropical regios
lametersplural of lameter, meaning a cripple
lamigersplural of lamiger, meaning a lame person/ a cripple
laminaryrelated to laminar, meaning of fluid motion, smooth and regular, flowing in different layers
laminateto cover with veneer or coating/ to separate into thin plates or layers
lamininsa class of glycoproteins found in the basement membranes of most animal tissues
laminousarranged in a sequence of layers or strata
lammingera lame person/ a cripple
Lamoillea river in Vermont, USA, which flows into Lake Champlain
lampasesplural of lampas, meaning a type of luxury fabric with a background weft
lampassealternative form of lampas
lampernsplural for a European species of lamprey, Lampetra fluviatilis
lampholea vertical shaft down which a lamp may be lowered to inspect a sewer
lampionsplural of lampion, meaning a small oil lamp
lamplesswithout a lamp or lamps/ unlit
lampoonsto criticize harshly/ to imitate someone especially in order to entertain or ridicule
lamppostthe pole that holds up a light so it can illuminate a wide area, like a streetlight
lampreyslong slender primitive eel-like freshwater and saltwater fish of the Petromyzontidae family
lampworkto produce items by means of this process
lampyridnocturnal luminescent beetle
lamstersplural for a person who has escaped from captivity or is in hiding
lancegaya type of lance, consisting a long handle and a steel blade/ a harpoon used by fishermen
lanceletany of a group of primitive marine animals, having a notochord instead of a backbone
lanchingpresent participle of lanch, meaning a large bed of flints
lanciersplural of lancier, meaning a cavalry soldier armed with a lance weapon
lancingsplural for the act of stabbing something, especially with a sharp or pointed object
landablecapable of being landed
landbankan area of land held in reserve by a house-building firm
landdrosa type of magistrate in South Africa, abolished under the British in 1827
landfallarrival or docking/ the main landmass of a country or continent
Silly 8 Letter Words Starting With L For Kids
landfilla site at which refuse is buried under layers of earth/ matter thrown away as worthless
landforma large continuous land-area, either surrounded by sea or contiguous with another landmass
landgraba landrush
landingsplural for a place where people and goods can be landed from a boat
landladya woman who keeps lodgings, a boarding house, or a pub/ woman head of household
landlinea fixed telephone communications cable
landlockto enclose or nearly enclose with land
landlordthe owner of a property/ the person responsible for the running of an inn
landmarka building or monument of historical importance/ an object demarcating the boundary of an area or land
landminea mine that is placed on land and designed to explode when stepped upon or touched
landraceany local variety of a domesticated animal or plant species that has adapted over time 
landrailthe corncrake
landsideinland/ away from the sea/ in the publicly-accessible area of an airport
landskipa landscape
landslidsimple past tense and past participle of landslide
languagea system of communication used by a particular country or community
languishto be depleted, in physical strength or energy/ to desire or pine for something or someone
lanositythe quality of being lanose, or wooly

Some Other Examples Of 8-Letter Words Starting With L

Perfect 8 Letter Words Starting With L For Kids

Interesting Activities For Kids With 8-Letter Words Starting With L

Sometimes, you may feel that it is urgent to teach your little children several useful new words, right? However, simply teaching them a few new words will not be that much fruitful, if they don’t know how to use those newly-learned words, isn’t it?

So, to avoid this while making the learning experience quite memorable, you may think about engaging them in some attractive game-like activities. Here are a few of those activities.

1. Match The Words With Meanings

Amazing Word Matching Activity For Kids

A matching activity is an enticing game through which you can show your kids some new words with ease. Through this interesting concept, your child will be able to get a grip of the ideas of the same and different. For this, you must create two sets of attractive cards.

One set must have some colorful pictures, while the other will contain some 8 letter words starting with the letter L, such as lactogen, ladified, ladleful, ladyhood, laidback, lakeland, lambskin, and many more.

Then, you must teach your young companions how to read those cards and show them the right way to match them with the correct words.

Furthermore, you must show your kids how to do the matching activity and encourage them to follow the steps you have demonstrated earlier.

2. Name Game

Childish Name Game For Kids

This is another popular and interesting word-game. This game is a remarkable way to teach your little kids some interesting and useful 8 letter words starting with letter L, along with showing them how to use those words perfectly.

In this game, you have to say or ask something and your child will respond with the correct answer.

You can even play this game in the opposite direction. In that case, your little companion will become the questioner and you will have to give the right answer. Hence, through this name game, you can easily show your little students some important 8 letter words starting with the letter L.


Q: What do we call a member of a 17th-century Protestant religious community movement founded by a French pietist, Jean de Labadie?

Ans: Labadist

Q: What do we call a physician who aids labor and delivery but does not provide parental care?

Ans: Laborist

Q: What would you call a dog of a medium to large breed, popular as guide dogs and in other services?

Ans: Labrador

Q: What is a network of fine threads, especially one constructed by a spider?

Ans: Lacework

Q: What would you call any of various New Zealand plants in the genus Hoheria?

Ans: Lacebark

Q: What would you call a person who does not own land?

Ans: Lackland

3. Fill In The Blanks

Awesome Fill In The Blanks For Kids

Another incredibly simple and enjoyable educational activity is known as fill-in-the-blanks. Through this learning method, you may show your kids some useful 8 letter words that start with L.

Through this game, your young companions will not only be able to learn the new words but also to use them perfectly. Moreover, this kind of easy-to-play word-game will help them in their future studies.







  1. C  2) A  3) N  4) S  5) R 


Thus, with these interesting activities you can teach your kids some useful and new 8 letter words starting with L with ease. Also, for some other interesting ideas, just stay with us.

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