12 Letter Words Starting with A that Are Amazing!

Are your little companions speaking a lot? Do you plan to enhance their vocabulary with some significant, new words?

If you are feeling the importance of improving the communication skills of your tiny tots, then you must start their lessons at a young age to offer them assistance in having an incredibly strong vocabulary.

If you feel the same, then, let us take a look at some interesting 12 letter words that start with the letter A.

So, let’s start…

List Of 12-Letter Words Starting With A

Incredible 12 Letter Words Starting With A For Kids
AlliterationLiterary device with the repetition of initial consonant sounds in neighboring words in a phrase.
AbolitionistA person who advocates for the complete abolition or elimination of a particular practice.
AppreciationThe act of recognizing the value or quality of something or someone; a feeling of gratitude.
AnnunciationThe announcement of an important message, refering to the news of Virgin Mary’s pregnancy.
ArchitectureThe art and science of designing and constructing buildings and other structures
AccelerationThe rate of change of velocity of an object, typically described as an increase in speed.
AppertainingRelated to something, often used to describe properties associated with a particular subject.
AmbidextrousCapable of using both hands with equal skill, or having the ability to work with both hands.
AbbreviationA shortened form of a word, typically formed by omitting certain letters, used for convenience.
AcquaintanceA person with whom one is familiar but not necessarily close or intimate.
AnticipationThe act of expecting something to happen in the future, often with a sense of excitement.
AffectionateExpressing warmth, fondness, or love, often through physical gestures, words, or actions.
AlliterativePertaining to alliteration, the use of repeated consonant sounds in a group of words.
ApperceptionThe process of mentally integrating new experiences or information with existing knowledge.
AnnouncementA public statement or declaration made to inform or alert people about a particular fact.
AgribusinessBusiness of agricultural items, involving the cultivation and distribution of agricultural products.
ApproachableEasy to approach or accessible, often describing a person who is friendly, open, etc
AbsquatulateTo leave or depart quickly and in a sudden or stealthy manner.
AmphitheaterA large, open-air venue with tiered seating, often used for performances, concerts, etc.
AsphyxiationThe condition of being deprived of air or oxygen, often leading to suffocation or death.
AnnihilationThe complete and utter destruction or obliteration of something, 
AdulterationThe act of adding impurities to a product, typically to reduce its quality or value.
AerodynamicsThe study of how air moves around objects, particularly how it interacts with solid bodies.
AlliteratingThe present participle form of “alliterate,” meaning to engage in the practice of alliteration.
AnkylosaurusA genus of herbivorous dinosaurs known for their heavy armor and stiff, fused vertebrae, etc.
AstronomicalRelating to astronomy, the scientific study of celestial objects such as stars, planets, etc.
AmortizationThe process of paying off a debt over time through a series of regular payments 
AccidentallyIn an unintentional manner, often referring to events or actions that occur by chance..
AntidiabeticReferring to a substance, treatment, or medication that helps control or manage diabetes.
AmeliorationThe act of making something better, often used in the context of alleviating a problem.
AdjudicationThe process of resolving a dispute or making an official judgment, in a legal context.
AcrocyanosisA medical condition characterized by the bluish discoloration of the extremities 
AccomplishedSkilled  in a particular field or activity, often suggesting a high level of achievement.
AscertainingThe act of determining information or facts, often through investigation or inquiry.
AnagrammaticPertaining to anagrams, meaning words formed by rearranging the letters of another word.
AcademicallyIn a manner related to educational or scholarly pursuits, often involving study, research, etc
ApprehensionA feeling of fear about a future event or outcome; the act of understanding a situation.
AcceleratingIn the process of increasing speed, describing the action of making something move faster.
AdministrateTo manage the affairs or operations of an organization, institution, or system.
ApprehensiveFeeling anxious or fearful about something that may happen in the future, 
AdaptabilityThe quality of being able to adjust to new conditions, environments, or circumstances.
AnaplasmosisA tick-borne disease that affects humans and animals, caused by the Anaplasma bacterium,.
AbbreviatureA condensed or shortened form of a word or phrase, often used for brevity and convenience,.
AnthropologyThe scientific study of human beings, including their origins, development, and cultures.
AppendicitisInflammation of the appendix, a small organ located in the lower right side of the abdomen.
AccentuationThe act of giving special attention to a particular feature or aspect, often to make it stand out.
ArticulationThe act of expressing ideas, thoughts, or words clearly and coherently; 
AbstrusenessThe quality of being difficult to understand, often used to describe something unclear.
AmalgamationThe process of combining or uniting different elements, to create a single, integrated whole.
AcculturatedHaving adapted into a new culture or society, often involving the adoption of its customs.
AbandonmentsThe act of abandoning something, which means leaving it behind, giving it up, or deserting it.
AbbreviatingThe act of shortening a word or sentence, typically by omitting certain letters or words
Goofy 12 Letter Words Starting With A For Kids
AbbreviatorsPeople or things that create abbreviations by shortening words or phrases.
AbbreviatoryRelating to the act of abbreviating or shortening words or phrases.
AberrationalDeviating from the norm or usual course; unusual or atypical.
AbhorrenciesStrong feelings of hatred or extreme disgust.
AbiotrophiesThe progressive degeneration of a part of the body due to a lack of nourishment.
AbirritatingThe act of irritating or annoying someone.
AbjectnessesThe state of being extremely miserable, wretched, or despicable.
AblactationsThe process of weaning an infant or young animal from breastfeeding.
AbnormalismsThe quality or state of being abnormal, deviating from the typical or expected.
AbolishmentsThe act of abolishing or formally ending something, such as a law or practice.
AbolitionaryRelating to the advocacy or actions aimed at abolishing a particular institution or practice.
AbsorbanciesThe capacity or quality of being able to absorb or soak up substances.
AbominationsThings or acts that are considered extremely offensive, loathsome, or detestable.
AboriginallyIn a manner related to the original or indigenous inhabitants of a region. 
AbortionistsIndividuals who perform abortions, which is the termination of a pregnancy.
AbortivenessThe quality or state of being abortive, referring to something that has failed.
AbrasivenessThe quality of being rough, harsh, or irritating to the touch or in behavior.
AbridgementsShortened versions of written or spoken works, such as books, plays, or speeches.
AbruptnessesThe quality of being sudden, unexpected, or characterized by an abrupt or steep change.
AbscondencesThe act of absconding, which means leaving hurriedly and secretly, often to avoid trouble.
AbsenteeismsThe practice of being frequently absent from work or duty without a valid reason.
AbsentmindedCharacterized by a lack of attention or concentration, often leading to forgetfulness.
AbsolutenessThe quality of being absolute, complete, or unconditional.
AbsolutisticRelating to or advocating for absolute or authoritarian rule or principles.
AbsorptancesThe capacity of a material to absorb and retain a substance, such as moisture or energy.
AbsorptivityThe degree to which a material absorbs radiation, heat, or other substances.
AbstractnessThe quality or state of being abstract, which refers to something that is theoretical.
AbstrictionsThe act of withholding or abstracting, often used in a legal or financial context.
AbstrusitiesThe quality of being abstruse, meaning something is difficult to understand.
AbsurdnessThe state of being absurd, meaning something is illogical or utterly ridiculous.
AcademiciansScholars or members of an academic institution, engaged in advanced learning.
AccelerandosIn music, a tempo direction indicating a gradual increase in speed of the music.
AccelerativeRelating to acceleration, which is the act of increasing speed or velocity.
AcceleratorsDevices or substances that increase the speed, rate, or intensity of a process.
AcceleratoryHaving the characteristic of causing acceleration or increasing the rate of something.
AccentuatingThe act of emphasizing or making something more noticeable or prominent.
AcceptanciesThe state or quality of being accepting or agreeable to something.
AcceptationsDifferent accepted meanings or interpretations of a word or term in different contexts.
AccessioningThe process of adding something to a collection or inventory, often in a formal way.
AccessorisesThe action of adding accessories to something, such as clothing or a device.
AccessorizedThe state of having accessories added, often referring to fashion or personal style.
AcclamationsLoud and enthusiastic praise or approval, often expressed by a group of people.
AcclimatableCapable of becoming acclimated or adapted to a new environment or condition.
AcclimationsThe process of acclimating, or adjusting, to a new environment or climate.
AcclimatiserA person or thing that helps others acclimate to new conditions or environments.
AccommodableCapable of being accommodated or adjusted to fit a specific need or purpose.
AccommodatedThe state of being provided with accommodations or having one’s needs met.
AccommodatesThird-person singular of “accommodate,” meaning to provide lodging, make adjustments, or meet the needs of someone or something.
AccommodatorA thing that provides accommodations, makes adjustments, or assists others.
AccompaniersPeople or things that accompany or go along with others.
AccompanistsMusicians who provide instrumental or vocal accompaniment to performers.
AccompanyingGoing along with or accompanying someone or something.
AccompanyistA musician who specializes in providing accompaniment for others.
AccomplisherA person who successfully achieves or completes tasks, goals, or objectives.
Amusing 12 Letter Words Starting With A For Kids
AccomplishesThird-person singular form of “accomplish,” meaning to successfully complete a task.
AccordanciesThe state or quality of being in accord or agreement with something.
AccordionistA musician who plays the accordion, a portable wind instrument with a keyboard
AccreditableCapable of being accredited or recognized as legitimate or reliable.
AcculturatesThe act of adapting or assimilating to the culture or customs of a different group.
AccumulatingThe present participle of the verb “accumulate,” which means to gather over time.
AccumulatorsDevices or mechanisms used for collecting, storing, or accumulating a substance.
AccusativelyIn a manner in grammar, which is used to mark the direct object of a transitive verb.
Acetaldehydecolorless, volatile organic compound with a pungent smell, used in chemical production.
AccumulationThe action or process of accumulating or collecting things over time.
AccuratenessThe action or process of accumulating or collecting things over time.
AcetanilidesChemical compounds or derivatives of acetanilide have many industrial applications.
AccumulativeRelating to the process of accumulating or collecting over time.
AccursednessThe state of being cursed, condemned, or experiencing extreme misfortune
AccusatorialRelating to an accusatorial legal system, where evidence is offered to refute accusations.
AcetonitrileA colorless liquid organic compound, often used as a solvent in chemical processes.
AchievementsAccomplishments or successes that are the result of effort, skill, or perseverance.
AchromatisedTo be deprived of color or rendered colorless.
AcknowledgeTo admit the existence or truth of something, or to express recognition or gratitude.
AcknowledgerA person who acknowledges or recognizes something or someone.
AcknowledgesThird-person singular of “acknowledge,” indicating when someone admits something.
AcousticallyIn a manner related to sound, specifically the properties of sound waves.
AcousticiansExperts or specialists in the field of acoustics, the science of sound and its behavior.
AcquiescenceThe act of accepting or complying with something, often without protest or resistance.
AcquirementsThe act of acquiring or gaining knowledge, skills, or possessions.
AcquisitionsThe process of acquiring or obtaining something, such as assets or companies.
AcquittancedPast tense of “acquittance,” which means to release from a debt, obligation, or charge.
AcrocentricsRefers to chromosomes with a centromere near one end, a characteristic of many species.
Acrogenouslythe formation of new plant tissues at the growing tips of stems or roots.
AcrophoneticRelating to a writing system or script in which characters or symbols represent sounds.
Actinometricthe measurement of the intensity of radiation, in the context of the sun’s radiant energy.
ActinomorphyThe condition, where an object can be divided into similar parts around a central point.
ActinomyceteA type of bacteria that forms thread-like filaments and can cause various infections
ActivenessesThe quality or state of being active, energetic, or engaged in action.
AcuminationsThe process of making something sharp, or the act of acquiring knowledge or insight.
AcupressuresA therapeutic technique involving the application of pressure to specific points on the body.
AdaptationalRelating to adaptation, the process of adjusting to new conditions in the environment.
AdaptivenessThe quality of being able to adapt or adjust to different situations or environments.
AddictednessThe state of being addicted, often referring to a strong dependence on a substance.
AdditionallyIn addition to what has already been stated, indicating an extra or supplementary element.
AdenovirusesA group of viruses that can cause a variety of illnesses in humans, including conjunctivitis.
AdequatenessThe quality of being sufficient or suitable to meet a particular requirement or need.
AdhesivenessThe property of being adhesive, or the ability to stick or bind to other substances.
AdiaphorismsEthical concepts that are considered indifferent, neither morally good nor bad.
AdjectivallyIn a way that pertains to adjectives or the use of adjectives in language.
AdjournmentsSuspending a meeting or legal proceeding with the intention to resume it at a later time.
AdjudgementsThe process of making a judgment or decision, often in a legal or authoritative context.
AdjustmentalRelated to the process of making adjustments, in the context of personal development.
AdministeredPast tense of “administer,” meaning to manage or give out something, such as medication.
AdministrantA person who administers or manages something, often in an official capacity.
AdmirabilityThe quality or state of being worthy of admiration or respect.
AdventurefulAn adjective that describes something as full of adventure. 

Some Other Examples Of 12 Letter Words Starting With A

Perfect 12 Letter Words Starting With A For Kids

Interesting Activities For Kids With 12-Letter Words Starting With A

Sometimes, you may think that it is really crucial to teach your young friends several new English words, right?

However, all of your struggles may prove to be useless if your cute companions do not know how or even where to use those words.

So, to solve this issue, one of the most useful methods is to engage them in some enticing game-like activities. Here are a few of those activities.

1. Fill In The Blanks

Awesome Fill In The Blanks For Kids

A very interesting and quite simple activity is widely known as fill-in-the-blanks. Through this activity, you may teach your tiny tots some useful 12 letter words that start with A.

Through this game, your little partners will not only be able to explore the new words without any difficulty but also to use them correctly. In addition to this, this kind of easy-to-enjoy word-game will be of great help for their future academics.







1) I   2) B   3) U   4) A   5) E

2. Name Game

Childish Name Game For Kids

This is an exciting game through which you can show your little children some notable 12 letter words starting with letter A, as well as show them how to use those words. In this game, you have to say or ask something and your little kid will give the answer.

You can even try this name game the other way around. In that case, your little partner will ask the question and you will have to give the answer. Hence, through this, you can teach your tiny tots some new 12 letter words that start with A.


Q: What is the process of mentally integrating new experiences or information with existing knowledge, often leading to an improved understanding?

Ans: Apperception

Q: What do we call the art and science of designing and constructing buildings and other structures, often considering both aesthetic and functional aspects?

Ans: Architecture

Q: What would you call a large, open-air venue with tiered seating, often used for performances, concerts, sports events, or other public gatherings?

Ans: Amphitheater

Q: What would you call the process of resolving a dispute or making an official judgment or decision, often in a legal or formal context?

Ans: Adjudication

Q: What would you call the process of combining or uniting different elements, often to create a single, integrated whole?

Ans: Amalgamation

3. Match The Words With Meanings

Amazing Word Matching Activity For Kids

Another popular game is matching activity, which can help your little partners to explore some new English words with ease. Through this activity, your tiny tot will understand the ideas of the same and different. To enjoy this game, you will need just two sets of attractive cards.

One set will have some exciting pictures, while the other will come with some new 12 letter words that start with the letter A, such as academically, accentuation, abstruseness, acculturated, antidiabetic, and many more.

Then, you have to tell your young partners how to read those cards and the accurate method to match them with the correct words.

Moreover, you have to show your tiny tots how to perform the matching thing and allow them to follow the steps already shown by you.


Thus, these are some very useful learning activities to teach your tiny tots some vital and new 12 letter words starting with the letter A. For some other exciting learning ideas, just follow us.

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