8 Letter Words Starting with B that Are Brilliant!

Are your young companions speaking a lot? Do you plan to strengthen their stock of words with a few new words?

If you are thinking that it is really important to strengthen the communication skills of your tiny tots, then you must start teaching them a few new English words at an early age to help them get a vast and strong vocabulary.

If you are thinking the same thing, then, let us talk about some interesting 8 letter words that start with the second letter B.

Here we go…

List Of 8-Letter Words Starting With B

Incredible 8 Letter Words Starting With B For Kids
BaaskaapRefers to Dominion/ control, especially of white South Africans over non-whites.
BabassusPlural form of “babassu,” which refers to a type of palm tree native to South America 
BabbelasA slang term for a hangover or the state of feeling unwell after excessive drinking.
BabbitryIt denotes a lifestyle characterized by narrow-mindedness and a lack of individuality.
BabbittsPlural of “babbitt,” referring to individuals who exhibit adherence to societal norms.
BabblersPeople who talk continuously, often in a rapid, incoherent, or meaningless manner.
BabblingTalking in a continuous, rapid, or incoherent manner, without meaningful information.
BabeldomA fictional or imaginative place where confusion, discord, and language barriers prevail.
BabelianRelated to the story of the Tower of Babel, where languages and people were confused.
BabesiasPlural form of “babesia,” which refers to a genus of parasitic protozoa that cause infection.
BabichesPlural of thong of rawhide used as lacing or webbing, in the manufacture of snowshoes.
BabirusaA type of wild pig found in Indonesia, known for its distinctive upward-curving tusks.
BaboucheA type of traditional Moroccan footwear, often characterized by its pointed toe.
BabuismsPlural of babuism, meaning a malapropism form produced by an Indian speaking English.
BabydollA style of women’s nightwear or lingerie. 
BabyflotInformal name given to any airline in the former Soviet Union created in the early 1990s. 
BabyfoodFood specially prepared and formulated for infants and young children.
BabygirlA term of endearment often used to address a young girl or a girlfriend affectionately.
BabyhoodThe period of infancy or early childhood when a person is a baby 
BabykinsAn affectionate term used to address a baby or a beloved person, often a child or partner.
BabylikeResembling or characteristic of a baby in terms of appearance, behavior, or traits.
BabysitsThird person singular of “babysit,” which means to care for or supervise a child or children.
BabywearClothing and accessories designed for babies, including items like onesies, rompers, etc..
BaccaratA popular card game often played in casinos, where players bet on the outcome of the game.
BaccatedA less common term, not widely recognized. It may have specialized or regional use.
BacchantA worshiper of Bacchus, the Roman god of wine and revelry. 
BacchianRelating to Bacchus or his worship, often associated with wine, festivities, and celebration.
BacchiusA metrical foot in poetry consisting of one long syllable followed by two short syllables.
BachelorA man who has never been married and is not in a committed romantic relationship. 
BacillarPertaining to or resembling bacilli, which are rod-shaped bacteria.
BacillusA genus of bacteria, typically rod-shaped, often found in various environments, including soil. 
BackacheA discomfort in the lower or upper back, often associated with strain, muscle tension, etc.
BackbandA strap for securing something in place, often used in the context of saddles, harnesses,etc.
BackbeatA strong accent on the second and fourth beats of a four-beat musical measure 
BackbendA physical movement in which a person arches their back in the opposite direction.
BackbiteTo speak maliciously or slander someone in their absence
BackbondAn instrument which, in conjunction with others make an absolute disposition
BackboneThe main and central support structure of something, often used metaphorically.
BackburnA controlled fire intentionally set to consume fuel in advance of an approaching wildfire.
BackcastThe backward motion of the fishing rod to cast the line backward to prepare for a forward cast.
BackchatInformal and often cheeky or impertinent talk, especially in response to authority or criticism.
BackcombTo comb or tease hair backward, creating volume and texture, often used to style hair.
BackdateTo assign a date to a document that is earlier than the actual date on which it occurred.
BackdoorHidden means of access or entry, used to describe a method of bypassing security measures.
BackdownThe act of retracting or conceding a previously held position or decision 
BackdropThe background or setting against which something is presented or situated. 
BackendsParts of a system that are not user-facing but are responsible for data processing.
BackfallA fall or throw on the back in wrestling.
Goofy 8 Letter Words Starting With B For Kids
BackfileA collection of data that have been generated in the past but have not been processed.
BackfillThe material used to fill a hole created during construction or excavation, 
BackflipA backward somersault done in the air with the arms and legs stretched out straight.
BackflowThe flow of a liquid, gas, or substance in the opposite direction of its intended or normal flow..
BackfootA term often used in sports, especially cricket, referring to the back foot of a batsman or player.
BackhandA type of stroke in sports, particularly in tennis, badminton, and similar racket sports.
BackhaulThe transportation of goods from the destination or endpoint back to the point of origin.
BackheelA soccer technique in which a player kicks the ball backward using the heel of their foot..
BackhoedThe past tense of “backhoe,” which means to excavate or dig with the use of a backhoe.
BackhoesPlural of “backhoe,” a heavy equipment machine commonly used in excavation
BackingsThe support structures used to reinforce or back up something, used in the context of music.
BacklandAn area of land located farther from the coast or waterfront, often used in geography.
BacklashA strong and adverse reaction to a change or policy, characterized by strong opposition.
BacklessLacking a back, used to describe furniture or clothing that does not have support on the back.
BackliftIn cricket, the upward movement of the bat before the ball is bowled, preparing for a shot.
BacklineIn music, the backline refers to the amplifiers or equipment located at the back of the stage.
BackloadTo load goods onto a vehicle or container after unloading, often in the return leg of a journey.
BacklogsA backlog is a collection of unfinished tasks, work, or orders that need to be completed.
BacklotsThe large outdoor areas on a film studio lot, often designed to resemble various settings.
BackmostThe farthest back or rearmost position in a series or arrangement.
BackoutsThe withdrawal from an agreement, commitment, or event, without fulfilling prior obligations.
BackpackA bag worn on one’s back, often with shoulder straps, used to carry personal belongings.
BackpainPain in the back, often caused by various factors, including muscle strain or medical conditions.
BackpaysPayments made retroactively for work or services that were previously unpaid or underpaid.
BackreadTo read or review something, such as a document or text, in a backward or reverse order, 
BackrestA support or cushion that is positioned at the back of a seat or chair, providing comfort 
BackroadA secondary or less-traveled road, often in rural or remote areas,
BackroomA space located toward the back of a building or premises, not intended for public access.
BacksawsSaws with a thin blade reinforced along the back edge, used for making cuts, in woodworking.
BackseatThe rear seat in a vehicle, typically behind the driver and front passenger seats. 
BacksetsPlural for a discouragement.
BacksideThe rear or back part of something, often referring to the buttocks or the back of a person.
BackslapA friendly gesture of slapping someone on the back, often as an expression of camaraderie.
BackspinA rotating motion that moves backward, often used in sports such as tennis or table tennis.
BackstabTo deceive someone, often in a sneaky or treacherous manner, typically behind their back.
BackstayA support cable used to stabilize the mast of a sailing vessel, and maintain its upright position.
BackstopA barrier or device used to catch or stop objects, like baseballs in a baseball field.
BacktalkDisrespectful language or responses to authority figures, used to describe insolent behavior.
BackveldA South African term referring to open, undeveloped land, often used for farming, ranching, etc.
BackwardDirected toward the back, or less advanced in development, progress, or understanding.
BackwashLliquid that flows backward, often used to describe the motion of water in the opposite direction.
BackwindA wind that blows in the opposite direction to the expected or desired wind, 
BackwoodA remote area, typically densely wooded or forested, often used to describe a rural region.
BackwordA contention or retort/ a contradiction or answer to put off an engagement/ a countermand.
Amusing 8 Letter Words Starting With B For Kids
BackyardThe area behind or near the back of a house or building, often used as a private outdoor space.
BaclavasA variant spelling of “baklava,” which is a sweet pastry made of layers of filo dough.
BaclofenMedication used to treat muscle spasms, particularly those associated with spinal cord injuries.
BaconersPlural for a domesticated pig, especially a castrated male reared for slaughter.
BacteriaMicroscopic single-celled organisms that can be found in a wide range of environments. 
BacterinA bacterial antigen or preparation used in vaccines, often created from weakened bacteria.
BactrianRelating to the Bactrian camel, a two-humped camel native to Central Asia.
BaculineRelating to a rod, used in the context of entomology to describe features of some insects.
BaculiteAn extinct marine cephalopod mollusk that had a straight, tapered shell with a coiled tip.
BaculumsPlural of “baculum,” which is a bone found in the penis of some mammals, 
BadassedInformal slang term used to describe someone who is fearless, tough, or assertive
BadassesThe plural form of “badass,” referring to individuals who are tough, formidable, or impressive.
BadgeredThe past tense of the verb “badger,” which means to pester, annoy, or harass persistently.
BadgererA person who persistently pesters or annoys others, often by asking questions repeatedly.
BadinageLight-hearted and playful banter or conversation, often characterized by wit, humor, and teasing.
BadlandsA type of rugged and barren terrain characterized by eroded and sharply sculpted landforms.
BadmouthTo speak negatively about someone or something,  often to damage their reputation.
BafflersPlural of baffler, meaning something that causes one to be baffled, particularly a difficult puzzle.
BafflingIntellectually hard to comprehend or resolve/ unusual or out of the ordinary.
bagassesPlural for the residue from processing sugar cane after the juice is extracted.
BaggagesPlural for suitcases and bags containing personal belongings packed for traveling.
BaggiestSuperlative for very loose-fitting, so as to hang away from the body.
BaggingsPlural of bagging, meaning to make fun of something or even insult
BagpiperOne who plays the bagpipes.
BagwormsPlural of bagworm, meaning a member of the family Psychidae of the Lepidoptera.
BailingsPlural of bailing, meaning the act by which something is bailed.
BailmentA legal arrangement where one party temporarily leaves their property in the care of another.
BailoutsFinancial assistance provided by a government or other organization to help a business.
BailsmanA person who agrees to stand as a surety or provide bail for someone who is in legal trouble.
BainitesA microstructure found in some steel alloys, formed through a specific heat treatment process.
BaitfishSmall fish used as bait to attract larger fish for fishing.
BaitingsThe act of using bait to lure or entice something or someone.
BakeliteA type of early plastic that was used for various applications, especially in the early 20th century.
BakemeatAn archaic term for meat used in cooking or baking, often referring to pies or pastries.
BakeriesPlaces where bread, pastries, and other baked goods are made and sold.
BakeshopAnother term for a bakery, where baked goods are produced and sold.
BalafonsA musical instrument originating from West Africa, typically made of wooden bars.
BalancedIn a state of equilibrium or harmony, where various elements are in the right proportions.
BalancerSomething that helps maintain balance or equilibrium, often used in mechanical systems.
BalayageA hair coloring technique where hair color is applied by hand in a sweeping motion.
BaldheadA term used to describe a person who is bald or has little to no hair on their head.
BaldnessThe state of being bald or having hair loss.
BaldpateA person who is bald or a word for a bald head.
BaldrickA type of strap worn over the shoulder and across the chest, often used to carry a sword..
BalefireA large outdoor fire, typically used for ceremonial or signaling purposes.
BalefullExpressing a harmful, threatening, or malevolent quality.
BalistasRefers to ancient weapons used for throwing projectiles, such as large arrows or stones.
BalkiestReferring to something that is difficult to manage or control, 
BalklineUsed in billiards and snooker to refer to lines on the table that restrict certain types of shots.
BalladedPast tense of “ballad,” a type of narrative song or poem often with a romantic or dramatic theme.
BalladerAn alternative form of “balladeer,” which is a person who sings or composes ballads.
BallclubA term often used to refer to a sports team, especially in baseball.
BalleticRelating to ballet, characterized by grace, elegance, and precision of movement.
BallgameA game played with a ball, such as baseball, basketball, or soccer.
BallgownA formal and often extravagant gown or dress worn to special events like balls or galas.
BallocksA colloquial term, often used as an expletive, referring to testicles.
BaonetAlternative of “bayonet,” which is a blade attached to the muzzle of a rifle for close combat.
BalloonsA balloon is a type of aircraft that relies on hot air or gas to generate lift and become airborne.

Some Other Examples Of 8-Letter Words Starting With B


Interesting Activities For Kids With 8-Letter Words Starting With B

Sometimes, you may feel that it is quite important to teach your little children several new words that are widely-used, right?

However, simply teaching them a few new words will not be that much fruitful if they don’t have any idea regarding how to use those newly-learned words, isn’t it?

So, to avoid this while making the learning experience quite interesting, you may think about engaging them in some inviting game-like activities. Here are a few of those activities.

1. Match The Words With Meanings

Amazing Word Matching Activity For Kids

A matching activity is an enticing game through which you can show your young kids some new words with ease. Through this interesting concept, your young friend will be able to get a grip of the ideas of the same and different. For this, you must collect two sets of attractive cards.

One set with some attractive pictures, while the other will contain some 8 letter words starting with the second letter B, such as babbitry, babyfood, babywear, bacillar, backache, bachelor, backbone, and many more.

Then, you must teach your young partners how to read those cards and show them the right way to match them with the correct words.

Furthermore, you must show your kids how to do the matching activity and encourage them to follow the steps you have demonstrated earlier.

2. Name Game

Childish Name Game For Kids

This is another popular and appealing word-game. This game is a remarkable way to teach your little children some interesting and useful 8 letter words starting with letter B, along with explaining to them how to use those words perfectly.

In this game, you have to say or ask something and your kid will respond with the correct answer.

You can even play this game in turns. In that case, your little companion will become the questioner and you will have to respond with the right answer. Hence, through this name game, you can easily show your little students some important 8 letter words starting with the second letter B.


Q: What do we call people who talk continuously, often in a rapid, incoherent, or meaningless manner.?

Ans: Babblers

Q: What do we call a fictional or imaginative place where confusion, discord, and language barriers prevail, derived from the biblical story of the Tower of Babel.?

Ans: Babeldom

Q: What would you call a type of traditional Moroccan footwear, often characterized by its pointed toe and slipper-like design.?

Ans: Babouche

Q: What is a term of endearment often used to address a young girl or a girlfriend or partner affectionately?

Ans: Babygirl

Q: What would you call the food specially prepared and formulated for infants and young children who are transitioning from breast milk or formula to solid foods.?

Ans: Babyfood

3. Fill In The Blanks

Awesome Fill In The Blanks For Kids

Another incredibly simple educational activity is known as fill-in-the-blanks. Through this learning method, you may show your young kids some useful 8 letter words that start with B.

Through this game, your cute companions will not only be able to know about the new words but also to use them perfectly. Moreover, this kind of easy-to-enjoy word-game will help them in their future studies.







1) A   2) B   3) H   4) B   5) N


Thus, with these enticing activities you can teach your kids some useful and new 8 letter words starting with B with ease. Also, for some other interesting ideas, just stay with us.

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