10 Letter Words Starting with S for Suprime Vocabs!

Are your little kids trying to speak a lot? Do you wish to improve their vocabulary with some common yet new words?

If you are feeling the necessity of improving the communication skills of your young companions, then it is good to start their vocabulary lessons at a really young age, as it will help them in achieving a vast strong vocabulary.

If you feel the same way, then, let’s take a look at some interesting yet important 10 letter words that start with the letter S.

Let’s start …

List Of 10-Letter Words Starting With S

Incredible 10 Letter Words Starting With S For Kids
SaanichtonSaanichton is a place in British Columbia, Canada.
SaarlanderA person from Saarland, a state in Germany.
sabadillasA type of tropical American plant whose seeds are used in traditional medicine.
SabaeanismA reference to Sabaean religion or culture, which was practiced in ancient Saba.
SabbateansFollowers of Sabbatai Zevi, a 17th-century Jewish messianic figure.
SabbatiansAnother term for followers of Sabbatai Zevi.
sabbaticalA period of leave from work or study, typically for rest or personal development.
sabbatisedMay refer to observing or treating something in a manner consistent with the Sabbath.
sabbatisesThe third person singular form of “sabbatise.”
SabbatistsPeople who adhere to strict observance of the Sabbath or a religious holiday.
SabelliansA Christian heretical sect that denied the distinctiveness of the persons of the Holy Trinity.
sabertoothA type of prehistoric carnivorous cat characterized by its long, curved canine teeth.
sabotagingThe act of intentionally undermining or damaging something, typically a plan or effort.
sabretacheA small flat pouch worn by military officers, attached to a belt and used to carry maps.
sabulosityA rare term that may refer to sandiness or grittiness.
sacahuistaA type of grass native to the southwestern United States, also known as bear grass.
saccharaseAn enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of sucrose into glucose and fructose.
saccharideA general term for a simple sugar or carbohydrate.
saccharifyTo convert a substance into a sugar or make it sugary.
saccharineExcessively sweet or sentimental; also refers to a type of artificial sweetener.
saccharoidLikely related to saccharin or sugar-like substances.
saccharoseAnother name for sucrose, a common sugar found in plants.
sacculatedHaving small pouches or sacs, often referring to anatomical structures.
sacerdotalRelating to priests or the priesthood in religious contexts.
sachemdomsPossibly referring to the domain or authority of a sachem, a Native American tribal leader.
sachemshipThe position or authority of a sachem, a Native American tribal leader.
sackclothsCoarse cloth, often made of jute or hemp, historically worn as a symbol of mourning.
sacralisedMade sacred or consecrated, typically in a religious or ceremonial context.
sacralisesThird person singular of “sacralise,” meaning to consecrate as sacred, in a religious context.
sacralizedThe past tense of “sacralize,” which means to make something sacred or consecrated.
sacramentsSacraments are sacred rituals or ceremonies, often associated with Christianity.
sacrednessThe quality or state of being sacred, holy, or revered.
sacrificalRelated to or involving a sacrifice, often used in a religious or ceremonial context.
sacrificedPast tense of “sacrifice,” meaning to give up something valuable for a higher purpose 
sacrificerOne who performs a sacrifice, usually in a religious or symbolic context.
sacrificesThe plural form of “sacrifice,” referring to acts of giving up something valuable.
sacrifyingPresent participle form of “sacrify.”. The meaning would depend on the context.
sacrilegesPlural form of “sacrilege,” which refers to the violation or desecration of something sacred.
sacristansPeople who are responsible for the care of a church or religious building.
sacristiesPlural form of “sacristy,” a room in a church where sacred vessels and vestments are stored.
sacroiliacReferring to the sacroiliac joint, which connects the sacrum to the ilium.
sacrosanctRegarded as sacred, inviolable, or beyond criticism or interference.
saddlebackA type of mountain with a shape resembling a saddle, where the land dips in the middle.
saddlebagsBags that are attached to the saddle of a horse or motorcycle for carrying various items.
saddlebillA type of bird in the stork family, known for its large, flat, saddle-shaped bill.
saddlebowsThe curved parts of a saddle that extend upwards at the front and back, 
saddlebredA breed of horse known for its smooth gait and high-stepping action, used in horse shows.
saddlelessWithout a saddle, or lacking the equipment or means for riding.
saddleriesPlaces or businesses where saddles and equestrian equipment are made or sold.
saddletreeThe framework on which a saddle is constructed, providing support and shape to the saddle.
safeguardsMeasures or provisions taken to protect against potential harm or danger.
safehousesSecure or hidden locations used for protection or shelter, often in situations of danger.
safelightsLow-intensity lights used in darkrooms to offer light without harming light-sensitive materials.
safflowersA plant cultivated for its seeds and oil, or the reddish-yellow dye obtained from its flowers.
safraninesA group of chemical compounds used in biological staining and as pH indicators.
sagacitiesThe quality of being keenly perceptive, shrewd, or having good judgment.
Goofy 10 Letter Words Starting With S For Kids
sagenessesThe quality of being wise, showing wisdom, or having good judgment.
saginationThe act of saginating.
sagittallyPertaining to or in the direction of an arrow or a sagittal plane. 
sagittatedHaving the shape of an arrowhead or resembling an arrow.
sailboardsA windsurfing board to ride on the water while being pulled by a sail attached to the board.
sailboaterA person who operates or sails a boat, often used in the context of recreational sailing.
sailclothsStrong, durable fabric used in making sails for boats.
sailfishesA type of fish known for its high swimming speed and its distinctive long bill or dorsal fin.
sailmakersPeople or businesses that specialize in making and repairing sails for boats.
sailorlessWithout sailors, referring to a situation where there are no sailors present.
sailorlikeResembling or characteristic of a sailor or being suitable for a sailor.
sailplanedThe past tense of “sailplane,” which means to glide in a sailplane, a type of glider.
sailplanerA person who operates or pilots a sailplane, an unpowered glider.
sailplanesUnpowered glider aircraft designed for soaring, often with extended wings and no engine.
saintessesPossibly a plural form of “saintess,” referring to a female saint or a very virtuous woman.
saintfoinsA type of plant used for forage or livestock feed, also known as French grass or holy grass.
sainthoodsThe state of being a saint, often achieved through recognition by a religious authority.
saintliestThe superlative form of “saintly,” meaning extremely holy, virtuous, or morally upright.
saintshipsThe status of being a saint, including the characteristics associated with sainthood.
salabilityThe quality of being marketable or easily sold, often used in a business or marketing context.
salacitiesThe quality of being salacious, meaning characterized by a lecherous or lustful quality, 
salamanderA type of amphibian known for its slender body and ability to live in various habitats 
salanganesUsed for a type of small bird known for building edible nests used in bird’s nest soup.
salbutamolA medication that is a bronchodilator, used to treat asthma and other respiratory conditions.
salesclerkPerson employed in a retail store who assists customers with their purchases 
salesgirlsFemale employees who work in sales, typically in retail stores.
salesroomsRooms or spaces used for sales or exhibitions, often showcasing products for sale.
saleswomanA female salesperson, someone who sells products or services to customers.
saliauncesThe meaning of this word is unclear, and it isn’t a commonly used term in English.
salicetumsPlural form of “salicetum,” which is a type of wetland or habitat dominated by willow trees.
salicionalPertaining to a type of organ stop in music, typically producing a soft, string-like sound.
salicorniaA genus of succulent plants called “glassworts” or “pickleweeds” often found in saline areas
salicylateA salt or ester of salicylic acid, commonly used in medications such as aspirin.
salicylismPoisoning or toxicity resulting from an overdose or excessive consumption of salicylates.
salienciesThe quality of being salient, referring to the prominence or noticeable features of something.
salientianPertaining to or resembling a frog, a type of amphibian.
saliferousContaining or producing salt, often used to describe salt-bearing rocks or environments.
salifiableCapable of being combined with or converted into a salt.
salimetersInstruments used to measure the concentration of salt in a solution.
salimetricRelated to or involving salimeters, which are used for salt measurement.
salinationA process of salt extraction or the act of making something saline or salty.
salinenessThe quality of being saline or salty, often used to describe the saltiness of water or soil.
salinisingThe process of making something saline, typically by adding salt.
salinitiesThe degree or concentration of salt in a solution, such as seawater.
salivatingThe act of producing saliva, often in response in anticipation of eating or seeing food.
salivationThe process of producing saliva in the mouth, usually in response to a stimulus like food.
salivatorsPeople or animals that produce saliva, or something that stimulates saliva production.
sallownessThe quality of being sallow, meaning having a pale or sickly yellowish complexion.
sallyportsSmall gates or openings in a fortification or defensive wall, often used for sallies or sorties.
salmagundiA dish that combines various ingredients, often a salad or a hodgepodge of different foods.
salmonellaA type of bacteria that can cause foodborne illnesses in humans and animals 
Amusing 10 Letter Words Starting With S For Kids
salmonoidsReferring to salmon, which are a family of fish known for their distinctive pink flesh.
salometersInstruments used to measure the concentration of salt in a liquid, 
salopettesA type of one-piece protective clothing, typically worn by skiers, 
saltarelliPlural of saltarello, meaning any lively medieval Italian dance with a leaping step.
saltarelloA lively Italian dance or musical piece that is often associated with the tarantella 
saltationsRapid or abrupt movements or changes, often used in a biological context t
saltbushesPlants that belong to the genus Atriplex and are often found in arid environments.
saltcellarA container or vessel for holding salt and dispensing it in small quantities, 
saltchucksPlural of saltchuck, meaning any body of saltwater, especially the ocean.
saltfishesFish that has been preserved by drying and salting, used as a staple food in cuisines.
saltigradeReferring to animals that move by leaping or jumping, such as certain insects
saltpetersAn older term for potassium nitrate (KNO3), a chemical compound used in fertilizers.
saltshakerContainer used for dispensing salt, with small holes in the top for controlled seasoning.
salubriousHealthful, promoting well-being, or conducive to good health.
salureticsSubstances or drugs that promote the excretion of salt and water from the body, 
salutarilyIn a way that is beneficial to health or well-being.
salutationA formal greeting or expression of goodwill, used in letters as a gesture of respect.
salutatoryPertaining to a salutatory address, such as one given at a graduation ceremony.
salvationsThe act of saving or being saved, often used in religious or spiritual contexts.
salverformHaving the shape of a salver, a flat tray or platter used for serving food or drinks.
salvinorinA psychoactive compound seen in the Salvia divinorum plant, it has hallucinogenic properties.
samaritansPeople belonging to a religious group known for their Samaritan religion and traditions.
samarskiteA mineral that contains rare-earth elements and is a source of various valuable metals.
samenessesThe quality of being identical or having no difference; a lack of diversity or variety.
sanatoriumA facility or the treatment of chronic illnesses, typically in a restful or recuperative setting.
sanbenitosGarments worn by individuals condemned by the Spanish Inquisition, 
sanctifiedPast tense of “sanctify,” which means to make holy or set apart for a sacred purpose.
sanctifierSomeone or something that sanctifies or makes something holy and consecrated.
sanctifiesThird person singular of “sanctify,” indicating the act of making something holy or sacred.
sanctimonyHypocritical or self-righteous behavior, often involving a false appearance of virtue.
sanctionedOfficially approved, authorized, or endorsed, often in a formal or legal context.
sanctionerA person who grants approval, permission, or authorization, typically in a formal capacity.
sanctitiesThe quality or state of being sacred, holy, or having religious significance.
sanctitudeA rare word meaning holiness or sanctity, often used in a religious or moral context.
sandalwoodA type of aromatic wood from certain trees, often used to make perfumes, incense,etc. 
sandarachsPlural of sandarach, meaning alternative of sandarac.
sandbaggedPast tense of “sandbag,” which means to use sandbags for flood control or to deceive.
sandbaggerUsed in sports to describe someone who intentionally performs poorly to gain advantage.
sandblastsHigh-pressure streams of sand used for cleaning, polishing, or etching surfaces.
sandboardsBoards used for sandboarding, a sport similar to snowboarding but done on sand dunes.
sandcastleA structure made of wet sand, often created by building and shaping sand at the beach.
sanderlingA type of small shorebird known for its quick movements along the shoreline.
sandfishesPlural of sandfish, meaning any of several marine fish that burrow into sandy seabeds.
sandgroperA colloquial term for a burrowing insect or the people of Western Australia.
sandgrouseA group of birds found in arid regions, known for their adaptation to desert environments.
sandlotterA term used for someone who plays in a sandlot or an informal and unorganized baseball.
sandpapersRough, abrasive paper used for smoothing or polishing surfaces.
sandpaperyHaving a texture similar to sandpaper, describing something that feels rough to the touch.
sandpipersSmall wading birds with long bills and legs, found along the shorelines and near water.
sandstonesSedimentary rocks made up of compressed sand particles, used as building materials.
sandstormsViolent windstorms that carry and deposit sand, often reducing visibility in deserts.
sandsuckerRefers to a vacuum cleaner or a machine that sucks up sand, often in beach cleaning.

Some Other Examples Of 10-Letter Words Starting With S

Perfect 10 Letter Words Starting With S For Kids

Interesting Activities For Kids With 10-Letter Words Starting With S

Teaching your little kids some new words can be both exciting and crucial.  However, all of your efforts may result in nothing if they do not know how or even where to use those words.

So, to save your kids from this problem while making learning an enjoyable experience, a great way is to engage them in some enticing game-like activities. Here are a few of those inviting learning activities.

1. Match The Words With Meanings

Amazing Word Matching Activity For Kids

This activity is a really amazing game that can help your little friends to explore some new words with ease. Through this concept, your child will clearly understand the ideas of the same and different. For this, you will need two sets of beautiful scrabble cards.

One set will carry some colorful pictures, while the other will contain some 10 letter words starting with the letter S, such as sabadillas, sabbatical, sabertooth, sabulosity, saccharide, saccharose, sackcloths, and many more.

Next, you must show your cute students how to read those scrabble cards and the perfect way to match them with the respective words.

Furthermore, you have to show your young partners how to do the matching and instruct them to follow the steps already explained by you.

2. Fill In The Blanks

Awesome Fill In The Blanks For Kids

A very enjoyable and simple learning activity is widely popular as fill-in-the-blanks. Through this interesting activity, you may show your cute students some useful 10 letter words that start with S.

Through this inviting method, your cute students will not only be able to learn several new words but also to utilize them in the right context. Moreover, this kind of easy-to-enjoy learning activity will be of remarkable assistance for their future studies.







1) A   2) U   3) H   4) S   5) E

3. Name Game

Childish Name Game For Kids

This is another interesting manner through which your little friends can learn some interesting and beneficial 10 letter words starting with letter S, and also show them how to use those words.

To enjoy the name game, just say something or even question something and your little child will give the answer.

You can try this game in the opposite direction as well. In that case, your kid will question you about something and you will have to answer in the correct way. Hence, through this educational game, you can show your little students some vital 10 letter words starting with the letter S.


Q: What is a type of tropical American plant whose seeds are used in traditional medicine?

Ans: Sabadillas

Q: What do we call people who adhere to strict observance of the Sabbath or a religious holiday?

Ans: Sabbatists

Q: What would you call a type of prehistoric carnivorous cat characterized by its long, curved canine teeth?

Ans: Sabertooth

Q: What would you call people who are responsible for the care of a church or religious building, including its vestments and sacred vessels?

Ans: Sacristans


Thus, these are some inviting learning activities to teach your students some notable 10 letter words starting with the letter S. In addition, for some other exciting ideas, keep following us.

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