11 Letter Words Starting with P that You Might Know!

Are your children speaking a lot? Do you plan to strengthen their stock of words with some new words?

If you are thinking that it is truly important to strengthen the communication skills of your little children, then you must start teaching them a few new English words at an early age to help them develop a strong vocabulary.

If you feel the same way, then, let us talk about some interesting 11 letter words that start with the letter P.

Here we go…

List Of 11-Letter Words Starting With P

Incredible 11 Letter Words Starting With P For Kids
PatriarchalRelating to a social system in which men hold the primary roles of leadership.
PassionlessLacking strong emotions or enthusiasm; devoid of passion.
PamphleteerA person who writes and distributes pamphlets, typically to express their views 
PassivenessThe quality of being passive, meaning allowing things to happen without active resistance.
ParasiticalRelating to a parasite that lives on another organism and benefits at the host’s expense.
PartnershipA relationship between two or more entities who cooperate for a common purpose
PatrimonialPertaining to inheritance, especially in the context of family wealth or property 
ParturitionThe process of giving birth; childbirth.
PaternalismA system in which those in authority make decisions for others, but without their consent.
ParenthesisA punctuation mark ( ) used to set apart or interject explanatory remarks within a sentence.
PaternosterA type of elevator with open compartments that move continuously in a loop, 
ParentheticRelating to parentheses, which are used for inserting additional information into a sentence.
PasteurizedA process of heating liquids, like milk or juice, to kill harmful bacteria and pathogens 
ParochiallyIn a manner that is limited to the concerns of a particular locality or community, 
PatronizingDisplaying a condescending attitude or treating someone with a sense of superiority
PaperweightAn object placed on top of loose papers to keep them from scattering. 
PantheisticRelating to pantheism, the belief that everything in the universe is divine 
PalpitatingExperiencing a rapid or irregular heartbeat, often due to excitement or a medical condition.
PalpitationA rapid or irregular heartbeat that a person can feel, often due to heightened emotions.
PathologistA medical specialist who diagnoses diseases by examining tissues, cells, and bodily fluids
PainstakingShowing great care, effort, and attention to detail in a task; characterized by thorough work.
ParticipantA person who takes part in an activity, event, or project.
PachysandraA type of ground cover plant often used in landscaping due to its dense growth.
ParallelismThe use of similar grammatical structures within a sentence to create balance and rhythm.
ParticipialRelating to a participle, which is a verb form used as an adjective or adverb in a sentence.
PandemoniumWild and noisy chaos, often associated with tumultuous or disorderly situations.
ParishionerA member of a parish, typically a local church or religious community.
PaleographyThe study of ancient handwriting and script, often used in the analysis of old manuscripts.
ParticulateComposed of small, distinct particles, especially in the context of air pollution.
PantomimistA performer who specializes in pantomime
PaleolithicThe early period of human prehistory characterized by the use of stone tools.
ParadoxicalInvolving or characterized by paradoxes
ParamedicalRelated to healthcare workers who provide assistance to medical professionals
PalatalizedAltered or modified in pronunciation by the position of the tongue against the hard palate, 
ParamountcyThe state of being supreme or of the highest importance, authority, or significance.
PersistenceThe quality of being persistent
PerforationThe act of making small holes or openings, or the holes themselves, in a material or surface.
PerformanceThe act of carrying out a task or activity, often in the context of a show or evaluation of skill.
PeripateticRelating to a person who travels from place to place, especially as part of their profession.
PeritonitisInflammation of the thin tissue that lines the abdominal cavity and covers the organs within it.
PersonalityThe unique combination of characteristics, traits, and behaviors of an individual.
PersonalizeTo customize or adapt something to an individual’s specific preferences or characteristics.
PerfunctoryDone with minimal effort, enthusiasm, or attention to detail; performed as a matter of routine.
PenitentialRelating to the act of expressing remorse, regret, or seeking forgiveness for one’s sins.
PercolationThe process of a liquid or gas gradually passing through a porous substance
PessimisticHaving a generally negative or gloomy outlook on life, expecting unfavorable outcomes.
PeriphrasisThe use of excessive words to convey a meaning that could be expressed more concisely.
PerspectiveA particular way of looking at a situation or problem
PerspicuousClear and easy to understand; transparent in communication or expression.
PeculiarityA distinctive quality that sets something or someone apart from others; an unusual feature.
PestiferousAnnoying or troublesome, especially when describing pests or things causing annoyance.
PerpetratorA person who commits a crime or engages in wrongful actions.
PersuadableCapable of being convinced or influenced by persuasion, suggestions, or arguments.
PerpetuallyContinuously or without interruption, used to describe something that occurs constantly.
PedagogicalRelating to the art of teaching, often used to describe methods used in education.
Goofy 11 Letter Words Starting With P For Kids
PeregrinateTo travel or wander around from place to place, often on a long and meandering journey.
PennyweightA unit of weight equivalent to 1/20th of a troy ounce, measures the weight of precious metals.
PericardialRelated to the pericardium, which is the sac-like membrane that surrounds the heart.
PermanentlyIn a lasting or enduring manner, without change or for an indefinite period.
PettifoggerA person who engages in dishonest legal practices, and uses legal technicalities to confuse.
PericardiumThe double-walled sac that surrounds the heart and contains a small amount of fluid.
PerenniallyContinuously occurring, often used to describe something that happens year after year.
PertinacityThe quality of being persistent and unyielding in the face of difficulties or obstacles.
PermissibleAllowed or permitted according to rules, regulations, or accepted standards.
PerambulateTo walk or travel through a place, typically for leisure or inspection.
PeriodicityThe quality of occurring at regular intervals; the state of having a recurring pattern.
PerfectibleCapable of being improved or perfected; having the potential for becoming better.
PersecutionThe act of subjecting individuals or groups to unfair treatment, harassment, or oppression.
PeristalsisThe rhythmic contractions and relaxations of muscles
PeriodontalRelating to the tissues that surround and support the teeth, such as the gums and bone.
PharyngitisInflammation of the pharynx, the part of the throat behind the mouth and nasal cavity.
PhilandererWho habitually and casually engages in romantic relationships with multiple partners.
PhilatelistA collector of postage stamps and related items, such as envelopes and postal history.
PhilologistA person who studies linguistics and the historical development of languages.
PhoneticianAn expert in phonetics, the study of speech sounds and their articulation, transcription, etc.
PhosphorousA chemical element with the symbol P and atomic number 15
PhilosopherSomeone who engages in the study and pursuit of wisdom and knowledge
PhilosophicRelating to philosophy, the rational inquiry into fundamental questions.
PhraseologyThe manner of expressing ideas in words; a certain way of using a set of phrases.
PhonologistA specialist in the branch of linguistics that deals with the structures of languages.
PhotocopierA machine that reproduces documents and images by making copies of them 
PhysicalityThe state of having a physical presence or being related to the physical aspect of something, 
PhotophobiaA strong sensitivity to light, often leading to discomfort or pain when exposed to bright light.
PhytophagicFeeding on plants, typically used to describe animals or insects that are herbivorous.
PhenylamineAn organic compound and primary aromatic amine with various applications in Chemistry.
PhotosphereThe visible surface of the sun or other stars, emitting light and heat; 
PharisaicalExcessively concerned with religious or moral observance while neglecting true virtue.
PhilhelleneA person who loves Greek culture, often referring to someone who is not of Greek origin.
PhillipsiteA type of mineral, with a specific crystalline structure, and it is often found in volcanic rocks.
PhotometricRelated to the measurement of light, often used in the context of photometry. 
PhonophobiaA strong fear of noise, often leading to anxiety or distress when exposed to loud sounds.
PicturesqueAttractive in a visually charming or quaint manner, used to describe natural landscapes.
PitchblendeA mineral, also known as uraninite, which is a primary source of uranium and radium.
PiscatorialRelated to fishing, often used to describe activities or things associated with fishing.
PictoriallyIn a manner related to pictures or images; with a focus on visual representation.
PiraticallyIn a manner characteristic of pirates or piracy, which involves robbery or violence at sea.
PiggishnessThe quality or state of behaving in a greedy, gluttonous, or unclean manner, similar to a pig.
PietisticalCharacterized by religious devotion, and inspired by the Pietist movement in Christianity.
PiscivorousFeeding on fish, often used to describe animals that primarily consume fish.
PipistrelleA type of small bat found in various parts of the world, known for its agile flight.
PilocarpineA medication used to treat various conditions, including glaucoma and dry mouth, 
PipefittingThe process of installing, repairing, or maintaining pipes and pipe systems, 
PickelhaubeA type of spiked helmet worn by German military personnel during the 19th century.
PinnatisectHaving lobes arranged along the main axis on either side, resembling the shape of a feather.
PinocytosisThe process by which cells engulf liquid through the cell membrane in small vesicles.
PigstickingThe act of hunting wild boars, often considered a traditional hunting sport in some regions.
PlutocraticRelating to a system or society in which power and influence are held by the wealthy people.
PleasurableProviding enjoyment or pleasure; characterized by the experience of happiness.
PlanetariumA facility or device used for simulating and displaying the positions of stars, planets, etc.
PloughshareThe cutting or digging blade of a plow, used to break up and turn over soil in farming.
Amusing 11 Letter Words Starting With P For Kids
PleasurablyIn a manner that brings enjoyment or satisfaction, often associated with feelings of delight.
PlagiarisedHaving copied else’s work, ideas, or writing without proper attribution, 
PlagiariserSomeone who engages in plagiarism, or copying and using another person’s work.
PlayfulnessThe quality of being light-hearted or inclined to engage in activities that are entertaining.
PlentifullyIn large quantities, used to describe the presence of a substantial amount of something.
PlaceholderA temporary element used to reserve a space for something that will be added later.
PlainspokenCharacterized by straightforward and clear speech or expression, lacking in pretense 
PlacekickerIn American football, a player responsible for kicking field goals and extra points.
PlaintivelyIn a manner that expresses sorrow, sadness, or melancholy; with a tone of pleading.
PlasterworkDecorative or structural work made of plaster, often used in architecture and interior design.
PlasticallyIn a flexible or malleable manner, often referring to the ability to shape or mold something.
PlasticizerA substance added to plastics or other materials to increase their flexibility or workability.
PlanographyA printing process, where the printing and non-printing areas are on the same plane 
PlenteouslyIn an abundant or generous manner; having a surplus or plenty of something.
PlacatinglyIn a manner that seeks to calm or soothe someone, often by showing goodwill.
PlasticiserA chemical compound used to enhance the flexibility and other properties of plastics.
PleasurefulFull of pleasure or delight; something that brings joy or happiness.
PneumonitisInflammation of the lung tissue, often due to infection, exposure to irritants, etc.
PneumaticalRelating to air pressure or gas, often used in the context of pneumatic systems or tools.
PneumographAn instrument used to measure and record the movements or pressure changes of air 
PneumometerA device used to measure the volume or flow of air or gas.
PneumoniticPertaining to pneumonitis, which is inflammation of the lung tissue.
PneumometryThe measurement of lung function, often assessing aspects like airflow and lung volume.
PortraitistAn artist or photographer who specializes in creating portraits. 
PornographyExplicit materials, often in the form of images or writing, designed to elicit sexual arousal.
PortraitureThe art or practice of creating portraits, which are visual representations of individuals 
PocketknifeA small, folding knife that can be carried in a pocket for various purposes, like cutting.
PonderouslyIn a heavy, cumbersome, or laborious manner, often suggesting a lack of agility or efficiency.
PostulationThe act of making an assumption based on available evidence or information. 
PolytechnicAn educational institution that offers a wide range of technical and vocational courses
PorphyriticRefers to a rock texture characterized by large crystals embedded in a fine-grained matrix.
PoliticallyIn a manner related to politics, government, or political matters, 
PortabilityThe quality of being easily carried, often referring to objects that can be moved conveniently.
PontificateTo express oneself in a pompous or self-important manner, without practical knowledge.
PomegranateA fruit with a tough outer rind and juicy interior, known for its sweet and tangy taste.
PolymorphicHaving multiple forms or variations, often used in the context of biology 
PossibilityThe state or quality of being possible, suggesting that something can happen or exist.
PorterhouseA type of steak cut from the rear end of a short loin, typically containing a T-bone 
PotentiallyIn a manner related to the possibility of something happening or developing in the future.
PointlesslyIn a manner that lacks purpose, meaning, or significance; without a clear or sensible reason.
PolyandrousRefers to a system of marriage in which a female has multiple male partners simultaneously.
PortmanteauA type of suitcase with two compartments, or a linguistic blend of two words 
PompousnessThe quality of being pretentious, often characterized by excessive display of grandiosity.
PowerlesslyIn a manner lacking the ability or capacity to take action or exert control.
PollinationProcess of transferring pollen from the male reproductive parts of a flower to female parts.
PolicewomanA female police officer responsible for enforcing the law and protecting the public.
PolystyreneA synthetic polymer often used in the production of foam products and rigid plastics 
PositioningThe act of placing something in a particular location or arrangement.
PoltergeistA type of ghost or supernatural entity believed to be responsible for physical disturbances
PolemicallyIn a manner characterized by controversy or contentious discourse, often used in debates.
PoisonouslyIn a harmful, toxic, or deadly manner, referring to substances that can cause harm if touched.

Some Other Examples Of 11-Letter Words Starting With P

Perfect 11 Letter Words Starting With P For Kids

Interesting Activities For Kids With 11-Letter Words Starting With P

Sometimes, you may feel that it is urgent to teach your young kids several new words, right? However, simply teaching them a few new words will not be that much fruitful if they don’t know how to use those newly-learned words, isn’t it?

So, to avoid this while making the learning experience quite memorable, you may think about engaging them in some attractive game-like activities. Here are a few of those activities.

1. Match The Words With Meanings

Amazing Word Matching Activity For Kids

A matching activity is an enticing game through which you can show your kids some new words with ease. Through this interesting concept, your child will be able to get a grip of the ideas of the same and different. For this, you must create two sets of inviting cards.

One set must have some colorful pictures, while the other will contain some 11 letter words starting with the letter P, such as patriarchal, parturition, parenthetic, paperweight, palpitating, pathologist, and many more.

Then, you must teach your young companions how to read those cards and show them the right way to match them with the correct words.

Furthermore, you must show your kids how to do the matching activity and encourage them to follow the steps you have demonstrated earlier.

2. Name Game

Childish Name Game For Kids

This is another popular and interesting word-game. This game is a remarkable way to teach your little kids some interesting 11 letter words starting with letter P, along with showing them how to use those words perfectly.

In this game, you have to say something or ask a question and your child will respond with the correct answer.

You can even play this game in the opposite direction. In that case, your little companion will become the questioner and you will have to give the right answer. Hence, through this name game, you can easily show your little students some important 11 letter words starting with the letter P.


Q: What do we call a person who writes and distributes pamphlets, typically to express their views on a particular topic or issue?

Ans: Pamphleteer

Q: What do we call a system or practice in which those in authority make decisions for others, often with the belief that it is for the individuals’ own good, but without their input or consent?

Ans: Paternalism

Q: What would you call a process of heating liquids, such as milk or juice, to kill harmful bacteria and pathogens while preserving their flavor and nutritional content?

Ans: Pasteurized

Q: What would you call a medical specialist who studies and diagnoses diseases by examining tissues, cells, and bodily fluids, often through laboratory tests?

Ans: Pathologist

Q: What would you call a member of a parish, typically a local church or religious community?

Ans: Parishioner

3. Fill In The Blanks

Awesome Fill In The Blanks For Kids

Another incredibly simple and alluring educational game is known as fill-in-the-blanks. Through this learning method, you may show your kids some useful 11 letter words that start with P.

Through this game, your cute partners will not only be able to learn the new English words but also to use them in the right context. Moreover, this kind of easy-to-enjoy activity will help them in their future studies.







1) A   2) H   3) M   4) I   5) T


Thus, with these interesting activities you can teach your kids some new 11 letters words starting with the letter P with ease. Also, for some other interesting ideas, just stay with us.

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