9 Letter Words Starting with A for Amazing Vocabulary!

Are your little students trying to speak a lot? Do you wish to enhance their vocabulary with some common yet new words?

If you are feeling the necessity of improving the communication skills of your young kids, then it is good to start their vocabulary lessons at a really young age, as it will help them in achieving a vast strong vocabulary.

If you feel the same way, then, let’s take a look at some interesting yet important 9 letter words that start with the first letter A.

Let’s start …

List Of 9-Letter Words Starting With A

Incredible 9 Letter Words Starting With E For Kids
AardvarksBurrowing, nocturnal mammals found in Africa, known for their long snouts 
AaronicalUsed to describe something related to Aaron, the elder brother of Moses in the Bible. 
AaronitesThe descendants or followers of Aaron, the brother of Moses. 
AasvogelsAasvogels is a South African term for vultures, specifically those that feed on carrion
AbacinateTo blind someone by holding a red-hot metal or glass plate in front of their eyes.
Abaciscus(Archaic) One of the tiles or squares of a tessellated pavement.
AbactinalRefers to the upper surface or side of a radiate animal, such as a starfish.
AbafuginAn antifungal agent with a novel mechanism, used in treating dermatomycosis.
AbamperesAbamperes doesn’t seem to have a standard meaning in English. It is a rare term.
AbandonedThe past participle of “abandon.” It means to leave something or someone 
AbandoneeRrefers to the person or entity that has been abandoned or left behind, 
AbandonerAbandoner is the person or entity that abandons something or someone.
AbasementAbasement is the act of humbling oneself or degrading one’s own dignity. 
AbashmentA state of being embarrassed or ashamed, often due to a social situation or a mistake.
AbatementAbatement is a reduction, decrease, or lessening of something..
AbashedlyDescribes doing something in an embarrassed, self-conscious, or humiliated manner.
AbashlessDescribes a person who remains confident and unembarrassed in various situations.
AbattisesDefensive obstacles made of felled trees or branches with sharpened ends, 
AbattoirsAbattoirs are places where animals are slaughtered for their meat, 
AbbaticalAlternative form of abbatial.
AbbotciesThe office, jurisdiction, or term of service of an abbot, the head of an abbey.
AbbotshipThe position or office of an abbot, the spiritual leader of a monastery or abbey.
AbdicableUsed to describe something that can be renounced, relinquished, or given up.
AbdicatedThe past tense of  “abdicate,” which means to renounce or give up a position of power.
AbdicatesPresent tense of  “abdicate,” indicating the act of renouncing or relinquishing a position.
AbdicatorNoun referring to a person who has abdicated, meaning they have renounced a position.
AbdominalIt relates to the abdomen, the region of the body between the chest and the pelvis.
AbducteesIndividuals who have been forcibly taken or kidnapped, typically against their will.
AbductingPresent participle of “abduct.” It means the act of forcibly taking someone away.
AbductionAbduction is the act of forcibly taking someone away, typically against their will.
AbductiveA type of reasoning, involving making the best explanation based on the evidence. 
AbductorsIndividuals or entities that carry out abductions, referring to those who kidnap others.
AbecedaryA book or other instructional material that is used to teach the alphabet.
AbelmosksThe seeds of the hibiscus plant, used in perfumes and traditional medicine.
AberranceRefers to the state of being aberrant, meaning deviating from the normal course.
AberrancyRefers to the state of being aberrant, meaning departing from the usual or normal.
AberrantsAberrants are individuals or things that exhibit aberrant behavior or characteristics. 
AberratedPast tense or past participle of the verb “aberrate,” meaning to deviate from the norm.
AberratesPresent tense of the verb “aberrate.” It describes the act of deviating from the norm 
AbessivesIt refers to a grammatical case that indicates absence or lack. 
AbetmentsActions or instances of aiding or encouraging others in committing a crime. 
AbeyancesAbeyances refer to a state of temporary inactivity, suspension, or being held in reserve.
AbhenriesAbhenries does not appear to be a recognized English word. It may be an archaic term.
AbhimanyuA character in the ancient Indian epic, the Mahabharata. He was the son of Arjuna.
AbhorrentDescribes something that is extremely repugnant, offensive, or loathsome. 
AbhorrersAbhorrers are individuals or entities that abhor or strongly detest something. 
AbhorrethPoetic form of the verb “abhor,” which means to regard with extreme disgust or loathing.
AbhorringPresent participle of the verb “abhor,” referring to the act of strongly disliking something.
AbidancesThe act of abiding or conforming to rules, laws, or principles. It implies compliance. 
AbideableAbideable is an adjective that describes something that can be abided or tolerated. 
AbidinglyAn adverb, meaning in a manner that is enduring, lasting, or continuing for a long time.
AbilitiesThe qualities that a person possesses, which enable them to perform certain functions.
AbiogenicIt refers to processes or substances that are not related to living organisms. 
AbjectingPresent participle of the verb “abject,” which means to degrade someone or something.
AbjectionRefers to the state of being in a low or degraded condition, often in terms of social status.
AbjectiveDescribes something that is of a low, degraded, or abject nature. It implies a lack of worth.
AbjoinedPast tense of the verb “abjoin,” which means to connect, attach, or join together. 
Goofy 9 Letter Words Starting With A For Kids
AblactateAblactate is a verb that means to wean a child or animal from breast milk 
AblationsThe removal or destruction of something, often referring to surgical removal.
AblativalRefers to an adjectival form that is derived from the ablative case in certain languages.
AblativesGrammatical cases in Latin language, used to indicate a variety of relationships.
AblautingThe systematic change in the root vowel of words to mark grammatical contrasts, 
AblegatesPlural for head of catholic church.
AblutionsThe acts of washing or cleansing, especially in a religious or ceremonial context. 
AbnegatedThe past tense of “abnegate,” meaning to renounce, deny, or reject something.
AbnegatesPresent tense of “abnegate.” It describes the act of renouncing or denying something.
AbnegatorRefers to a person who renounces or denies their own desires or rights.
AbnormalsRefers to things or people that deviate from what is considered normal.
AbnormityAbnormity is a noun that means the state or quality of being abnormal,
AbnormousAbnormous describes something that is extremely abnormal or unusual. 
Abodement(Obsolete) A foreboding, a prediction, or a prophecy.
Aboideaustide gates, designed to protect marshland, constructed  to let out water at low tide.
AbolishedThe past tense of the verb “abolish,” which means to formally and completely end or eliminate something, such as a practice or institution.
AbolisherA noun referring to a person or entity that abolishes or eliminates something,.
AbolishesRefers to the act of ending or doing away with something.
AbolitionThe process of formally and completely ending something, often used in political reform,.
AbominateTo feel intense hatred towards something or someone, due to strong moral objections.
AbondanceRefers to a type of cow, particularly the Abondance breed, known for its high-quality milk.
AborigensRefers to indigenous peoples, referring to the original inhabitants of a specific region. 
AborigineA member of the indigenous people or original inhabitants of a region or country.
AbortionsThe termination of a pregnancy before the fetus can survive outside the uterus.
AbortusesPlural form of “abortus,” which is a medical term for an aborted fetus.
Aboundantmeans having a large quantity of something
AboundingPresent participle of “abound,” which means to exist in large numbers or quantities.
AbovesaidA less common word used to refer to something previously mentioned or stated.
AbrachiasPlural of abrachia, meaning the congenital absence of both arms.
AbradableCapable of being abraded or worn down through friction.
AbradantsMaterials or substances used to abrade or wear down other surfaces, often in industries.
AbraidingPresent participle of “abraid,” which means to scold or rebuke someone.
AbrasionsScratches or superficial injuries to the skin or a surface, often caused by friction.
AbrasivesMaterials used for grinding or smoothing other surfaces through abrasive action.
AbraxasesPlural of abraxas, meaning a transcription of Abrasax.
AbreactedThe release of repressed emotions or trauma through psychological therapy or catharsis.
AbricocksPlural of abricock, meaning (obsolete) apricot.
AbridgersPeople or things that shorten or condense written or spoken material.
AbridgingThe act of shortening written or spoken material, to provide a more concise version.
AbrogableCapable of being annulled or repealed, often used in legal contexts.
AbrogatedPast tense of “abrogate,” which means to officially cancel or revoke a law or obligation.
AbrogatesThird person singular form of “abrogate,” indicating the act of canceling something.
AbrogatorSomeone or something that abrogates, or cancels, laws or agreements.
AbrookingPresent participle of abrook, meaning to brook or endure.
AbrotanumA plant species, known as Southernwood, used for various medicinal purposes.
AbruptestThe superlative form of “abrupt,” indicating something that is the most unexpected.
AbruptingPresent participle of “abrupt,” often used to describe something happening suddenly.
AbruptionRefers to a sudden and violent separation or detachment, especially in relationships.
Amusing 9 Letter Words Starting With A For Kids
AbscessedHaving developed an abscess, which is a localized collection of pus within a tissue.
AbscessesPlural of “abscess,” which is a painful collection of pus caused by infection.
AbscindedPast tense for to separate or be separated into parts.
AbscisinsPlural of “abscisin,” a plant hormone that plays a role in some physiological processes.
AbscissaePlural of “abscissa,” a term used in mathematics to refer to the horizontal coordinate.
Abscissinterm related to plant physiology, particularly the process of leaf abscission (shedding).
AbscondedPast tense of “abscond,” which means to leave hurriedly and secretly to avoid detection.
AbsconderSomeone who has absconded, or left hurriedly and secretly to evade responsibility.
AbseilingThe act of descending down a vertical surface, such as a cliff or wall, using a rope 
AbsenteesReferring to those who are expected to be at a particular place but are not.
AbsentersIndividuals who are absent, or people who are not present when expected.
AbsentingThe act of being absent or the act of leaving or staying away from a particular place.
AbsinthesA highly alcoholic and anise-flavored spirit, often green in color, 
Absoluter(rare) comparative form of absolute.
AbsolutesFundamental principles that don’t depend on anything else and are considered true..
Absolvent(rare) absolving.
AbsolversThose who pardon or grant forgiveness, often in a religious or legal context.
AbsolvingThe act of pardoning, forgiving, or releasing someone from guilt or responsibility.
AbsorbantAlternative form of “absorbent,” which means capable of absorbing liquids..
AbsorbateA substance that has been absorbed by another substance, used in chemistry.
AbsorbersDevices or materials that absorb or dampen the effects of certain forces or energies.
AbsorbingEngaging, captivating, or deeply interesting; holding one’s attention or focus.
AbstainedRefrained from doing something, especially from a specific action, for moral reasons.
AbstainerA person who abstains from certain activities, substances, or behaviors, by choice.
AbstergedPast tense for to clean, especially with force.
AbstergesThird person singular form of “abstergent,” which means a substance that cleanses.
AbstinentRefraining from the consumption of certain substances, particularly alcohol or food.
AbstractaPlural form of “abstractum,” which refers to the abstract elements of a concept.
AbstractsSummaries of the essential aspects of a document, research paper, or work of art.
AbstrictsThird-person singular simple present indicative form of abstrict.
AbstruserMore abstract or difficult to understand, often used to describe complex concepts.
AbsurdestA superlative form of “absurd,” indicating something that is the most irrational.
AbsurdismA philosophy that explores the absurdity and meaninglessness of human existence. 
AbsurdistA person who creates works characterized by absurd or nonsensical elements.
AbsurdityThe quality of being absurd, meaning something that is irrational or contrary to reason.
Abuilding(Archaic) being built or under construction.
AbundanceA large quantity or a great supply of something; having more than enough.
AbundantRefers to having a plentiful supply or a large amount of something.
AbusementAbuse/ (obsolete) misleading.
AbusivelyIn a manner that involves verbal or physical abuse, or the use of harmful language.
AbutilonsA genus of flowering plants that includes various species of ornamental shrubs.
AbutmentsA structure built to support the lateral pressure of an arch or spa.
AcademicsRefers to the field of education, teaching, and scholarly study, associated with school,.
AcademistA person who is deeply involved in the academic world and its principles.
AccendingPresent participle of accend.

Some Other Examples Of 9-Letter Words Starting With A

Perfect 9 Letter Words Starting With A For Kids

Interesting Activities For Kids With 9-Letter Words Starting With A

Teaching your young partners some new words can be both exciting and crucial.  However, all of your efforts may result in nothing if they do not know how or where to use those words.

So, to save your tiny tots from this issue while making learning an unforgettable experience, a great way is to engage them in some enticing game-like educational activities. Here are a few of those enjoyable learning activities.

1. Fill In The Blanks

Awesome Fill In The Blanks For Kids

A very enjoyable and simple activity is popular as fill-in-the-blanks. Through this interesting activity, you may teach your cute students some useful 9 letter words that start with the first letter A.

Through this inviting method, your young students will not only be able to come across several new words but also to utilize them in the right context. Moreover, this kind of easy-to-enjoy activity will be of significant assistance for their future studies.







1) b   2) s  3) t  4) t   5) n

2. Name Game

Childish Name Game For Kids

This is another interesting game through which your little companions can learn some interesting 9 letter words starting with letter A, along with showing them how to use those words. To enjoy the name game, just say something or question something and your little kid will give the answer.

You can play this game in the opposite direction as well. In that case, your cute partner will question you about something and you will have to answer in the correct way. Hence, through this game, you can show your little kids some vital 9 letter words starting with the letter A.


Q: What do we call individuals or entities that carry out abductions, often referring to those who kidnap others.?

Ans: Abductors

Q: What is a term that refers to a grammatical case that indicates absence or lack? 

Ans: Abessives

Q: What would you call individuals or entities that abhor or strongly detest something. They are those who have a deep dislike for certain things or actions?

Ans: Abhorrers

Q: What would you call the acts of washing or cleansing, especially in a religious or ceremonial context. It can also refer to the ritual washing of one’s body or a part of it?

Ans: Ablutions

3. Match The Words With Meanings

Amazing Word Matching Activity For Kids

This third activity is another really memorable game that can help your little accomplices to explore some new 9-letter words with ease. Through this concept, your child will clearly understand the ideas of the same and different. For this, you will require two sets of beautiful scrabble cards.

One set will carry some colorful pictures, while the other will come with some 9 letter words starting with the letter A, such as ablutions, adjoined, abilities, ablations, abjection, abnormity, abolisher, and many more.

Next, you have to show your young students how to read those beautiful cards and the correct method to match them with the respective words.

Furthermore, you have to show your little partners how to do the matching and instruct them to follow the steps already explained by you.


Thus, these are some inviting learning activities to teach your students some significant 9 letter words starting with the first letter A. In addition, for some other exciting ideas, keep following us.

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