9 Letter Words Starting with I that Are Interesting!

Are your children trying to talk a lot? Do you plan to strengthen their stock of words with some new English words?

If you are thinking that it is essential to improve the communication skills of your little companions, then you must start showing them some new English words at an early age to help them have a vast vocabulary.

If you feel the same way, then, let us talk about some interesting 9 letter words that start with the letter I.

Here we go…

List Of 9-Letter Words Starting With I

Incredible 9 Letter Words Starting With I For Kids
IatrogenyThis term refers to harm or illness that is caused by medical treatment or intervention.
IatrologyThe study of medicine or medical science.
IbogainesPlural of “ibogaine,” which is a psychoactive substance derived from the iboga plant.
IbrahimicRelating to Ibrahim (Abraham), a significant figure in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. 
IbuprofenAn over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) used to relieve pain.
IceblinksThe reflection of sunlight off an ice floe, which can be seen as a bright spot on the horizon,.
IceboaterWho engages in ice boating, which involves sailing on ice-covered bodies of water.
IcefieldsVast areas of ice and snow, often found in polar regions or high mountain ranges.
IcehousesStructures used for storing ice, often before the invention of refrigeration, to keep food cold.
IcekhanasEvents or competitions involving equestrian activities on ice, often seen in colder regions.
IcelanderA person from Iceland, a North Atlantic island country.
IcelandicRelating to Iceland, its people, culture, or language.
IcemakersDevices or machines used to produce ice, typically in the form of ice cubes.
IcenhoursPlural of Icenhour, meaning a surname.
IchkerianRelating to Ichkeria, a historical term used for parts of the North Caucasus region.
IchneumonA type of parasitic wasp known for laying its eggs inside the larvae of other insects.
IchnoliteA fossilized footprint or track, often found in sedimentary rock layers.
IchnologyThe branch of paleontology that deals with the study of fossilized tracks, traces, etc.
IchthyoidResembling or related to fish or fish-like characteristics.
IchthysesThe plural form of “ichthys,” which is the Greek word for “fish.” 
IconicityA relationship of resemblance between the two aspects of a sign, its form and meaning.
IconifiedMade into an icon or symbol; represented in a simplified or easily recognizable form.
IconifiesThird person singular of “iconify,” which means to turn something into an icon or symbol.
Iconisingpresent participle form of “iconize,” meaning the act of turning something into an icon.
IconologyThe study or interpretation of symbols, icons, and the symbolism of art and culture.
IconostasA partition in Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Catholic churches, 
IctericalRelated to jaundice, a medical condition that causes yellowing of the skin and eyes.
IdealizedMade to conform to an ideal or perfect standard, often without flaws or imperfections.
Idealiser A person who idealizes or seeks to make something conform to an ideal.
Idealises Third person singular of “idealize,” meaning to regard or represent something as ideal.
IdealismsPhilosophical systems that emphasize the importance of ideals as guiding principles.
IdealistsIndividuals who believe in or strive for high moral or ethical principles
IdealizedBrought to an ideal state, often in the sense of perfection.
Idealizer (or Idealizer)A person who strives to make something or to see things in an idealized way.
IdeallessLacking an ideal or not conforming to an ideal standard.
IdealnessThe state of being ideal or conforming to an ideal standard.
IdealogueA portmanteau of “ideal” used to describe someone who rigidly adheres to certain ideals.
IdeationsThe act or process of forming ideas or concepts.
IdenticalBeing exactly the same in every aspect or characteristic.
IdentikitA brand name for a device used by law enforcement to create composite sketches.
IdeogramsSymbols or characters that represent ideas or concepts, often used in writing systems.
IdeographA symbol or character that represents an entire concept, word, or phrase.
IdeologicRelating to or based on a particular ideology, set of beliefs, or system of ideas.
IdeologueA person who rigidly adheres to a particular ideology, often to an extreme degree.
IdeomotorReferring to the involuntary and unconscious motor responses resulting from thoughts.
IdeophoneA linguistic term for words that convey a vivid impression of sensory experiences.
IdeoscapeUsed in cultural studies to describe the visual or symbolic elements of a cultural landscape.
IdioblastA specialized cell in plants that performs specific functions, different from the other cells.
IdiocracyA society or group that is controlled by or consists of people of low intelligence
IdiogramsSymbols that represent concepts, in a more general sense than in some writing systems.
IdiographRefer to a symbol or character representing an idea or concept, similar to an ideogram.
IdiolatryThe worship or adoration of one’s personal or private beliefs and opinions.
Goofy 9 Letter Words Starting With I For Kids
IdiolectsThe distinct language or speech patterns of an individual person.
IdiomaticUsing, containing, or denoting expressions that are natural to a native speaker.
IdiopathyA medical condition or disease with an unknown or obscure cause, 
IdiophoneA musical instrument that produces sound by being struck or shaken 
IdioplasmA substance believed by biologists to be responsible for the inheritance of physical traits.
IdiotciesRefers to idiocy, a state of extreme mental retardation or foolishness.
IdioticalRelating to idiocy, a condition of being extremely foolish or mentally impaired.
IdioticonA glossary, often specific to a particular region, containing the words used in that area.
IdiotismsIdiomatic expressions, colloquial phrases, or words unique to a particular region.
IdiotypesIn immunology, these are the unique antigenic determinants on the surface of antibodies.
IdiotypicRelating to idiotypes, which are the unique antigenic determinants on antibodies.
IdocrasesA rare mineral that can come in various colors and is used as a gemstone or in research.
IdolatersPeople who engage in the worship of idols, typically in a religious context.
IdolisersIndividuals who admire or revere someone or something, often excessively.
IdolizingThe act of admiring someone or something to an extreme or excessive degree.
IdyllicalPertaining to a short work of literature that depicts a peaceful scene of rural life.
IdyllistsThose who write or appreciate idylls or pastoral poems, centered on peaceful settings.
IgnescentGlowing or emitting flames, often used in a poetic or descriptive sense.
IgnifyingPresent participle of ignify, (obsolete) to form into fire.
IgnitableCapable of being ignited or set on fire.
IgnitionsThe starting or triggering of a combustion process, often in the context of engines or fires.
IgnitronsA type of electrical device used to control the flow of electrical current.
IgnoblestSuperlative of “ignoble,” meaning having the least moral or social value.
IgnorableAble to be disregarded or considered unimportant.
IgnoramusA person who is ignorant or lacks knowledge about a particular subject or in general.
IgnoranceThe lack of knowledge, information, or awareness about a specific subject or in general.
IgnorantsReferring to individuals who lack knowledge or awareness about a specific subject.
IgnosticsPeople holding the philosophical position of ignosticism.
IguaniansA group of lizards belonging to the infraorder Iguania, including some species of iguanas.
IleitidesPlural of ileitis, (pathology) Inflammation of the ileum.
IleocecalRelating to the ileocecal valve, a one-way valve located between the ileum and the cecum.
IleocolicRefers to conditions or situations in the vicinity of the ileum and the colon.
IleostomyAn opening in the belly (abdominal wall) that’s made during surgery
IliopsoasA combination of two muscles, the iliacus and the psoas major, that flex the hip joint. 
IllapsingPresent participle of illapse, meaning an emission or entrance of one thing into another.
IllationsLogical inferences or conclusions drawn from evidence or premises, 
IllativesGrammatical forms or words used in some languages to indicate motion toward a location.
IllegallyIn a manner that is against the law or in violation of legal regulations.
IllegibleDifficult or impossible to read due to poor handwriting, poor print quality, or other factors.
IllegiblyIn a manner that is difficult to read due to poor handwriting, print quality, or other factors.
IlliberalNot generous, often used to describe a lack of tolerance for differing opinions.
IllicitlyIn a manner that is forbidden by law, rules, or custom; illegally.
IllimitedNot limited/ interminable.
IllisionsAn act of escaping from routine or reality into fantasy, or an inclination to do so.
IlliteralUsed informally to describe someone who is not well-versed in literature or literary matters.
IllnessesConditions or states of being unwell, resulting from diseases or other health problems.
IllogicalLacking logical reasoning or coherence; not following the principles of sound reasoning.
IlluminedMade bright with light or spiritually enlightened.
IlluminerA person or thing that provides illumination or enlightenment.
IlluminesThird person singular form of “illumine,” meaning to light up or spiritually enlighten.
IllusionsFalse perceptions or beliefs that differ from reality, often created by tricks of the mind.
IlluviumsPlural of illuvium, or material displaced across a soil profile, from one layer to another.
IlmenitesPlural form of “ilmenite,” which is a mineral containing titanium and iron oxide.
Amusing 9 Letter Words Starting With I For Kids
ImageableCapable of being imagined or pictured in the mind.
ImagelessLacking an image or visual representation.
ImageriesThe use of descriptive language, often in the form of imagery, to create mental pictures.
ImaginaryExisting only in the imagination or as a mental construct, rather than in reality.
Imaginate(Obsolete) Imaginative.
ImaginersPeople who engage in imagining or creating mental images or concepts.
ImaginingThe act of forming mental images, concepts, or ideas in one’s mind.
ImaginistSomeone who engages in imaginative or creative thinking, often used in artistic contexts.
ImagisticRelating to the use of vivid and descriptive language or imagery to convey ideas.
ImbalanceA lack of balance or equilibrium, often referring to an unequal distribution of weight.
ImbecilesRefers to people who are considered to be lacking in intelligence, or mentally weak.
ImbecilicIt describes something as foolish, absurd, or having the characteristics of an imbecile.
ImbeddingRefers to place something firmly or deeply within something else. 
ImbittersPresent tense of the verb “imbitter,” meaning to make someone or something bitter.
ImbalmingPresent participle of imbalm, meaning (archaic) of embalm.
ImbricateUsed in reference to overlapping structures. It means to arrange in an overlapping pattern.
ImbroglioAn imbroglio is a complex, confusing, or embarrassing situation, often involving a conflict.
ImbrownedThe past participle and simple past form of imbrown, meaning embrown.
ImbrutingPresent participle for to make or become less than human, like a brute.
ImbuementImbuement is the act of saturating or deeply influencing something with a particular quality.
ImbursingPresent participle imburse, meaning (obsolete) to supply or stock with money.
ImidazoleImidazole is a chemical compound often used in biochemistry and pharmaceuticals.
ImitatingPresent participle of “imitate,” which means to copy or mimic the actions or looks of others.
ImitationImitation is the act of copying or replicating the behavior or qualities of someone.
ImitativeThis adjective describes something that involves or displays imitation, mimicry, or copying.
ImitatorsImitators are individuals or entities that copy or mimic the actions or looks of others.
ImmanacleIt might be related to “manacle,” which means a shackle or restraint.
ImmaturedThis is the past tense of “immature,” which means not fully developed or lacking maturity.
ImmediateImmediate means occurring or existing without any delay, directly following something else.
ImmenselyThis adverb means to an exceedingly great extent or to an extremely large degree.
ImmersiveIt means deeply engaging or involving, often used in the context of technology.
ImmersionThe act of submerging or plunging something into a liquid or other substance. 
ImmersiveAn adjective that describes something that completely surrounds and engulfs the senses. 
ImmigrantA person who moves to another country with the intention of living there permanently. 
ImmigrateRefers to move to a foreign country with the plan of becoming a permanent resident there.
ImmixtureRefers to a mixture or blending of substances, elements, or qualities.
ImmodestyThe quality of being immodest, which means lacking proper restraint or decorum.
ImmolatedThe past tense or past participle of “immolate,” meaning to sacrifice or kill, often by fire. 
ImmolatorAn immolator that does an immolation, often referring to someone carrying out a sacrifice.
ImmorallyAdverb of “immoral,” or acting in a way that goes against accepted principles of morality.
ImmortalsImmortals are beings or entities that are said to be everlasting or not subject to death. 
ImmovableImmovable describes something that cannot be moved or is difficult to move. 

Some Other Examples Of 9-Letter Words Starting With I

Perfect 9 Letter Words Starting With I For Kids

Interesting Activities For Kids With 9-Letter Words Starting With I

Sometimes, you may feel that it is crucial to teach your little friends several useful new words, right?

However, simply teaching them a few of those new words will not be that much fruitful if they don’t have any idea about the usages of those newly-explored words, isn’t it?

So, to avoid this while making the learning procedure quite memorable, you can engage them in some attractive game-like activities. Here are a few of those activities.

1. Match The Words With Meanings

Amazing Word Matching Activity For Kids

A matching activity is a very common educational game through which you can teach your young friends some new words with ease.

Through this interesting idea, your child will be able to understand the ideas of the same and different. For this, you must collect two sets of scrabble cards.

One set with some colorful pictures, while the other with some new 9 letter words starting with the letter I, such as icehouses, icemakers, ichneumon, ichnology, iconicity, idealized, and many more.

Then, you must teach your cute companions how to read those scrabble cards and tell them the desired way to match them with the correct words.

Furthermore, you must show your young companions how to do the matching activity and tell them to follow the steps you have demonstrated earlier.

2. Name Game

Childish Name Game For Kids

This is another common and interesting word-game. This game is a perfect way to teach your little kids several interesting and useful 9 letter words starting with the letter I, along with explaining to them how to use those words. In this, you have to say or ask a question and your child will respond with the correct answer.

You can even play this game by taking turns. In that case, your young partner will become the questioner and you will have to respond with the right answer. Hence, through this name game, you can easily show your little friends some important 9 letter words starting with the letter I.


Q: What do we call the reflection of sunlight off an ice floe, which can be seen as a bright spot on the horizon, especially in polar regions.?

Ans: Iceblinks

Q: What do we call the devices or machines used to produce ice, typically in the form of ice cubes?

Ans: Icemakers

Q: The branch of paleontology that deals with the study of fossilized tracks, traces, and footprints, is known as_.

Ans: Ichnology

Q: What is the study or interpretation of symbols, icons, and the symbolism of art and culture.?

Ans: Iconology

3. Fill In The Blanks

Awesome Fill In The Blanks For Kids

Another notably easy and exciting educational activity is known as fill-in-the-blanks. Through this learning activity, you may show your kids some useful 9 letter words that start with I.

Through this game, your cute partners will not only be able to learn numerous new words but also to use them perfectly. Moreover, this kind of easy-to-enjoy educational activity will help them in their future studies.







1) c   2) a   3) i    4) u   5) l 


Thus, with these interesting games you can easily teach your young kids some useful and new 9 letter words starting with I. Also, for some other amazing ideas, just follow us.

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