9 Letter Words Starting with E for Exceptional Vocabs!

Are your little students trying to speak a lot? Do you wish to enhance their vocabulary with some common yet new words?

If you are feeling the necessity of enhancing the communication skills of your young friends, then it is good to start their vocabulary lessons at a really young age, as it will help them in achieving a vast and quite robust vocabulary.

If you feel the same way, then, let’s talk about some interesting yet important 9 letter words that start with the fifth letter E.

Let’s start …

List Of 9-Letter Words Starting With E

Incredible 9 Letter Words Starting With E For Kids
EachwhereA somewhat uncommon word that means everywhere or in all places.
EagernessA strong desire or enthusiasm for something; the state of being eager or keen.
EaglehawkA reference to the wedge-tailed eagle, one of the largest bird species of eagles.
EaglelikeResembling or having characteristics similar to an eagle, such as keen vision or majesty.
EaglewoodA type of aromatic wood derived from certain trees, often used in perfumes and incense.
EaldormanAn Old English term to describe a noble or high-ranking official or leader in a region.
EaldormenPlural of “ealdorman,” referring to multiple noble or high-ranking officials or leaders.
EarbashedHaving been subjected to excessive or annoying talking, often used informally.
EarbashesPlural of “earbash,” which refers to a lengthy and tedious conversation or lecture.
EarcockleA type of seaweed or marine plant, often found in coastal regions.
EarlinessThe quality of occurring early or the state of being punctual or ahead of schedule.
EarlshipsThe collective title or status of being an earl, a British noble rank, or an earl’s territories.
EarlywoodA lighter-colored wood that forms in a tree during the early part of the growing season.
EarmarkedTo designate something for a specific purpose or use, by marking it in a distinctive way.
EarnestlyIn a sincere, serious, and dedicated manner, used to convey the seriousness of intent.
EarphonesSmall speakers worn on or in the ears, typically used for listening to audio, music, etc.
EarpiecesThe parts of headphones that fit into or over the ears, allowing for sound to be heard.
EarthbornBorn on Earth, referring to earthly creatures as opposed to extraterrestrial ones.
EarthfallA collapse of a mass of earth or rock from a mountain or cliff.
EarthiestSuperlative of “earthy,” meaning having qualities associated with the earth or nature.
EarthlierThe comparative form of “earthy,” indicating that something is more earth-like.
EarthliesPeople or beings that are of the earth, often used in a general sense.
EarthlikeResembling or having characteristics similar to Earth or the environment found on Earth.
EarthlingDescribe a person from Earth, often used in science fiction to refer to humans.
EarthnutsA colloquial term for earthworms, often used as bait in fishing.
EarthriseWhen the Earth rises above the horizon when viewed from the surface of the moon.
EarthstarA fungus having a star-like shape while opening up, showing spore-bearing structures.
EarthwardIn a direction or manner that is toward the Earth or the ground.
EarthwolfAn archaic term for a wolf, often used in historical or poetic contexts.
EarthworkA construction or engineering project involving the manipulation of soil, earth, or terrain.
EarthwormA type of worm that lives in the soil and plays a significant role in soil health and aeration.
EarwiggedTo have overheard a conversation that was not intended for one’s ears.
EasefullyIn a comfortable or relaxed manner, without difficulty or stress.
EasementsLegal rights granted to a person to use another person’s property for specific purposes.
EastboundMoving or directed toward the east, often used in the context of travel or directions.
EasternerA person who resides in or is from the eastern part of a region, country, or continent.
EastwardsIn a direction that is toward the east or the eastern side.
EasygoingHaving a relaxed, laid-back, or calm disposition; not easily upset or stressed.
EavesdropTo secretly listen to someone else’s conversation without their knowledge or consent.
EbonisingThe process of darkening or staining something, often wood, to make it appear black.
EbriosityThe state of being intoxicated or drunk due to the consumption of alcohol; drunkenness.
EbullientOverflowing with enthusiasm, energy, or excitement; exuberant and lively.
EccentricUnconventional in behavior, appearance, or ideas; departing from the standard.
EcclesiaePlural of “ecclesia,” a term used in reference to the Christian church or congregation.
EcclesialRelating to or associated with the church or Christian religious organizations.
EccriticsPlural of “eccritic,” which refers to a critic or someone who evaluates  art, literature, etc.
EcdysiastUsed humorously to refer to a striptease artist or someone who performs a striptease act.
EchelonedArranged in a step-like formation, often used to describe a military formation.
EcheveriaA genus of succulent plants, known for their rosette-shaped leaves and appearance.
EchidnineA type of toxin found in some species of pufferfish, which can be harmful if consumed.
EchinaceaA genus of flowering plants known for their potential medicinal properties.
EchinatedCovered in spines, often used to describe plants or animals with such physical features.
EchinoidsA class of marine animals that includes sea urchins and sand dollars.
EchinusesPlural of “echinus,” referring to a rounded molding often found in architecture.
Goofy 9 Letter Words Starting With E For Kids
EchogenicCapable of producing echoes, often used in medical imaging to describe tissues.
EchogramsGraphical representations of echoes, particularly in the context of medical imaging.
EchoinglyIn a manner that produces echoes, referring to sounds that bounce back and repeat.
EcholaliaMeaningless repetition of words, just spoken by another person
EcholalicAdjective of “echolalia,” describing a person characterized by the repetition of words.
EchovirusA type of enterovirus, often responsible for causing various illnesses.
EclampsiaA serious medical condition that can occur during pregnancy, characterized by seizures.
EclampticAdjective of “eclampsia,” used to describe something related to eclampsia.
EclecticsPeople embracing a wide range of ideas or influences, drawing from diverse sources.
EclipsingThe act of covering a celestial body with another, often used in the context of eclipses.
EclipticsReferring to the plane of Earth’s orbit around the sun, often used in astronomy.
EclogitesA type of metamorphic rock that originates from basaltic rock.
EclosionsThe processes of emerging from a pupal stage into an adult form.
EcobabbleInformal or excessive use of environmentally or ecologically focused jargon.
EcofreaksIndividuals who are passionate about or advocate for extreme environmentalism. 
EcologiesPlural of “ecology,” the scientific study of the relationships between living organisms.
EcologismA philosophical movement that emphasizes the importance of ecological sustainability.
EcologistA person who specializes in or practices ecology, the scientific study of ecosystems.
EcommerceThe buying and selling of goods and services over the internet or electronic devices.
EconazoleA medical antifungal medication used to treat various fungal infections.
EconomicsSocial science about the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.
EconomiseA variant of “economize,” meaning to use resources efficiently, reduce expenses, etc.
EconomismA belief that prioritizes economic concerns over other social or ethical considerations.
EconomistA professional in the field of economics who analyzes economic trends. 
EconomizeTo use resources, time, or money efficiently or to reduce expenses, and save money.
EcophobiaAn irrational fear or phobia related to the environment, nature, or ecological concerns.
EcoregionA geographic area that is characterized by a distinct ecological or environmental identity, 
EcosphereA concept describing the Earth as a self-sustaining and interconnected system of life 
EcosystemGroup of living things that live in and interact with each other in a certain environment
EcphonemeA distinctive or significant speech sound that conveys meaning in a particular language.
EcraseursMedical instruments or devices used for crushing or destroying tissues or growths.
EcstaciesA variant of “ecstasies,” which refers to states of extreme joy, happiness, or rapture.
EcstasiseA variant of “ecstasies,” which describes states of extreme joy, happiness, or rapture.
EcstaticsIndividuals who experience or display intense and overwhelming feelings of joy.
EcthymataPlural of “ecthyma,” a skin infection characterized by ulcerative sores or lesions.
EctoblastRefer to the outer germ layer that develops into skin and nervous tissue.
EctodermsOrganisms that regulate their body temperature through external environmental factors.
EctomeresAny of the blastomeres that later develop into ectoderm.
EctomericRelated to the body segments in the embryonic development of some animals.
EctomorphA body type characterized by a lean and slender build, with relatively low body fat. 
EctophytePlant that grows on the surface of another plant or substrate, in a symbiotic relationship. 
EctoplasmA supernatural or ethereal substance that can be produced by mediums during séances.
EctoproctThese are small, aquatic invertebrates that form colonies of interconnected individuals. 
EctosarcsThe outer layer of a cell membrane, particularly in certain types of protozoa.
EctothermAny animal whose regulation of body temperature depends on external sources
EctropionA medical condition where the lower eyelid turns outward, away from the eye. 
EctropiumA medical condition where the eyelid, usually the lower one, everts or turns outward.
EcumenismThe movement that aims to promote unity among the world’s Christian Churches. 
EdibilitySuitability for use as food.
EdictallyBy means of an edict.
Amusing 9 Letter Words Starting With E For Kids
EdificantDerived from “edify,” meaning to instruct or improve someone morally or intellectually
EdificialRelating to buildings or construction, often used to describe things related to architecture.
EditionedPertaining to a specific edition or version of a book, publication, or work.
EditorialA newspaper article expressing the editor’s opinion on a certain issue.
EditricesThe plural form of “editrix,” which is a female editor.
EducablesCapable of being educated or taught.
EducateesIndividuals who are being educated or taught, typically students.
EducatingThe act of providing education or instruction to someone.
EducationThe process of acquiring knowledge, skills, and values through formal or informal means.
EducativeHaving the quality of providing education or instruction.
EducatorsPeople who provide education, typically teachers or instructors.
EducatoryServing to educate or instruct.
EducementThe process of educing, or drawing out.
EductionsUsed in technical contexts, meaning the process of removing or drawing something out.
EdwardianRelating to or characteristic of the reign of King Edward VII of the United Kingdom.
EelblennyA type of fish belonging to the blenny family, typically found in rocky coastal areas.
EerienessA quality of being eerie, strange, or spooky.
EffectersPlural of effector, meaning any muscle that can respond to a stimulus from a nerve.
EffectingThe act of bringing about a result or change.
EffectionCreation/ a doing.
EffectiveSuccessful in producing a desired result or having a real and measurable impact.
EffectorsAgents that produce a particular effect, often used in the context of biology.
EffectualCapable of producing the intended or desired effect; successful.
EfferenceRefers to the transmission of signals from the central nervous system to other body parts. 
EfficientCapable of achieving a desired result with minimal waste of time, energy, or resources.
Effierced(Obsolete) made fierce.
EffluenceThe process or act of flowing out, often used in the context of fluids or emissions.
EffluentsWaste or sewage discharged into a body of water or the environment.
EffluvialRelating to or emitting a noxious or unpleasant odor.
EffluviumA foul or unpleasant-smelling outflow, often used in the context of emissions or pollutants.
EffluxionThe act of flowing out, often used in a more abstract sense.
EfforcingPresent participle of efforce, meaning (obsolete) to force oneself.
EffortfulRequiring a significant amount of effort or exertion.
EffulgentRadiating light or brilliance; shining brightly.
EffulgingThe act of radiating or shining brightly.
EffusionsThe act of pouring out, often used to describe the unrestrained expression of feelings.
EgalitiesThe plural form of “equality,” refers to state of being equal in status, rights, opportunities.
EgestionsThe act of excreting or expelling waste or substances from the body.
EggbeaterA kitchen utensil used for beating eggs by manually rotating two beaters.
EggfruitsPlural of eggfruit, meaning a fruit/ the canistel.
EggheadedReferring to a person who is overly intellectual or obsessed with academic pursuits.
EggplantsA type of vegetable, typically with a dark purple or blackish skin, used in cooking.
EggshellsThe hard, brittle outer covering of an egg.
EggwashesA mixture of beaten eggs and liquid used for glazing or coating baked goods.
EggwhisksA utensil with a handle and wire loops used for whipping, beating, or mixing ingredients.
EglantineA type of wild rose, often with fragrant pink flowers and prickly stems.
EgomaniacA person who is excessively self-centered or obsessed with their own importance.
EgomaniasPlural of “egomania,” which is an excessive and self-centered preoccupation with oneself.
EgotheismA belief system that centers around the worship or deification of one’s own self or ego.
EgotisticCharacterized by an excessive focus on one’s own interests or importance.
EgotizingThe act of making oneself the center of attention or importance.
EgressingThe act of leaving or exiting from a place or situation.

Some Other Examples Of 9-Letter Words Starting With E

Perfect 9 Letter Words Starting With E For Kids

Interesting Activities For Kids With 9-Letter Words Starting With E

Teaching your young partners some new words may prove to be both exciting and vital.  However, all of your efforts may result in a big zero if they do not know how or where to use those words.

So, to save your tiny tots from this issue while making learning an inviting experience, a significant way is to engage them in some enticing game-like educational activities. Here are a few of those enjoyable learning activities.

1. Fill In The Blanks

Awesome Fill In The Blanks For Kids

A very enjoyable and simple activity is popular as fill-in-the-blanks. Through this interesting activity, you may teach your cute students some useful 9 letter words that start with the fifth letter E.

Through this inviting method, your young students will not only be able to know about several new words but also to utilize them in the appropriate context. Moreover, this kind of easy-to-enjoy activity will be of significant assistance for their future studies.







1) a   2) g   3) t   4) t   5) n

2. Name Game

Childish Name Game For Kids

This is another appealing educational game through which your little companions can learn some interesting 9 letter words starting with the fifth letter E, along with showing them how to use those words. To enjoy the name game, just say something or question something and your little kid will give the answer.

You can play this game in the opposite direction as well. In that case, your young partner will question you about something and you will have to answer in the proper manner.

Hence, through this game, you can teach your young accomplices some vital 9 letter words starting with the letter E.


Q: What do we call the strong desire or enthusiasm for something; the state of being eager or keen?

Ans: Eagerness

Q: What is the act of designating or setting aside something for a specific purpose or use, often by marking it in a distinctive way.?

Ans: Earmarked

Q: What would you call the small speakers worn on or in the ears, typically used for listening to audio, music, or speech from electronic devices.?

Ans: Earphones

Q: What would you say to a certain type of fungus that has a star-like shape when it opens up, revealing spore-bearing structures?

Ans: Earthstar

3. Match The Words With Meanings

Amazing Word Matching Activity For Kids

This third activity is another significant educational game that can help your little accomplices to explore a few new 9-letter words with ease. Through this method, your young companion will clearly understand the ideas of the same and different. For this, you will require two sets of scrabble cards.

One set must carry some colorful pictures, while the other will come with some 9 letter words starting with the fifth letter E, such as eaglelike, ealdorman, earnestly, earthlike, earphones, earthworm, eavesdrop, and many more.

Next, you have to show your young students how to read those beautiful cards and the desired method to match them with the correct words.

Furthermore, you have to show your young partners how to do the matching and allow them to follow the steps already explained by you.


Thus, these are some inviting learning activities to teach your little students some significant 9 letter words starting with the fifth letter E. In addition, for some other exciting ideas, keep following us.

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