50+ Parent Activities that You Can Do with Kids

By now, you already know that I am a mother of two wonderful kids. I know the importance of making them engaged in various activities🧩 or games. 

And I have been constantly adding the best possible activities that you can do with kids- I hope you have checked them out as well. 

The development and growth of children not only come from their busy school schedules but also from after-school activities. The increase in motor skills, coordination, and many other physical stuff comes from the outside environment where children play, learn, and grow. 

I assure you that the activities in this article will give you an amazing idea for implementing them in your kid’s schedule and sow the other benefits of participating in these activities.

Fascinating Parent Activities for Kids

 Parental activities are about making amazing memories, not just about doing chores. With these activities, you can have some fun together, from making paper airplanes to having spontaneous dance parties. These times are more than simply activities; they form the core of our family’s journey.

 These pursuits increase happiness😃, fortify relationships, and foster creativity. For children, it’s pure, joyful learning through play; for parents, it’s an opportunity to decompress.

 So, let’s continue making these moments amazing, whether we’re cartwheeling, dancing, or drawing maps. To fun times spent with family, cheers!

Earth and Moon Game

I love playing this with my children! Encourage your kids to use paper, paint, and their curiosity to create their own Earth and Moon. 

This interactive exercise introduces fundamental astronomy concepts while also encouraging creativity as participants shape the celestial bodies. Children learn to love creative exploration through play.

Scrape Boxes

I have recently done this, and my kids love it! You, too, can do it by repurposing old shoeboxes and filling them with colorful scraps, buttons, and craft supplies. 

This is an easy way for parents to make boxes. Kids can also create original artwork to stimulate their imagination skills. 

Make Bird Feeder

Parents and children can make A simple bird🐦 feeder using a repurposed plastic bottle. Make a square cut window, put in perches, and add seeds. 

I believe that in addition to teaching kids about sustainability, this instills empathy in them as they learn to take care of and observe the feathered guests.

Pro-Tip: Ensure that birds are not forcefully kept inside and there is enough space for birds to move around. It is highly recommended not to kill birds and take care of them with proper safety.

Show With Toys

Parents can make a mini-theater for kids out of everyday objects, allowing parents and children to entertain themselves with toys. 

They can use a shoebox to create a basic stage, make up characters from toys, and use their imaginations. I believe this is a creative and fun bonding exercise that also improves communication skills.

Food art

Food art🎨 is a creative way for parents and children to arrange fruits, vegetables, and other edibles into artistic masterpieces. 

My children and I love this activity. Kids and their parents can make eye-catching and nourishing displays by playing with shapes, arranging colors, and using cookie cutters.

Make Bubbles

My 2-year-old daughter loves this a lot! By combining dish soap with water and using a pipe cleaner or bent wire to make a homemade bubble wand, parents and children can create bubbles. 

As the bubbles float and shimmer, this easy yet happy activity encourages outdoor play and inspires delight.

Pro-Tip: I always take care of my kid’s health when it comes to playing with bubbles. I suggest you supervise them while they use soap or any detergents so that they do not put it in their eyes mistakenly. 

Indoor Camping

I do this activity🧩 with my kids. In the living room, parents and children can set up a comfortable indoor camping experience. 

With some blankets and cushions, they improvise a tent. In addition to encouraging creativity and strengthening family ties, this activity offers a special chance for stargazing and storytelling.

Watch Cloud

I love doing this for my kids. Lying on a blanket, parents and children can participate in cloud-watching while observing the forms of clouds in the sky. 

This easy outdoor activity promotes creativity and relaxation and is a great chance for shared storytelling and imaginative moments.

Shake, Rattle, And Roll

The “shake, rattle, and roll” game can be played by parents and children using homemade shakers made of containers filled with dry beans or rice. 

I believe this rhythmic exercise improves coordination, fosters sensory development, and offers a fun opportunity to investigate sound and movement together.

Pro-Tip: Ensure that your kids are safe while they roll down on the floor. They might get stuck while making movements and have a higher risk of getting injured. I suggest using any soft mat before rolling down. 

Paper Phone

My kids and I love making paper phones📲. Parents and children can enjoy creating tin-can string telephones. 

Children can learn about sound transmission by stringing them together. Kids love playing with their homemade phones and having imaginary conversations, developing their creativity and communication skills.

Family Crest

Families can work together to create a meaningful family crest by choosing pictures and emblems that speak to their heritage and core values. 

I believe that through this artistic endeavor, kids can explore their identity and heritage in a visually expressive manner while also fostering communication and strengthening family ties.

Hula Hoop

I often play Hula Hoop with my kids, and we enjoy it a lot! For an engaging way to spend time together, families can plan a Hula-hoop competition. 

This game encourages healthy physical activity, friendly competition, and laughter. It’s a fun and healthy way for both to spend time together and stay active.

Sock Puppets

Recently, I helped my son in crafting the puppets. Reusing old socks and adding yarn and buttons for features can make sock🧦 puppets that are a lot of fun for both parents and children. 

Sock puppets are a delightful way to create family puppet shows that encourage creativity and mutual laughter.

Cootie catchers

I recently tried making cootie catchers with my kids, and the outcome was amazing. Cootie catchers, also called origami chatterboxes or fortune tellers, are a creative project that parents and children can enjoy together. 

This easy paper-folding exercise improves creativity and fine motor abilities.

Tie-Dye Coffee

Using food coloring, parents and children can make colorful tie-dye coffee filters that can be hung on a window to give the appearance of stained glass. 

I believe this creative exercise introduces color-mixing concepts and fosters creativity. The finished vibrant display gives the house a little bit of aestheticism.

Treasure Hunt

To play a small treasure hunt, parents and children can empty a matchbox and alternately stuff it with tiny items. 

I believe this interactive exercise 🧩promotes observational skills. As family members surprise one another with their selected small treasures, it turns into a fun game that starts conversations and laughter.

Make the Museum

My son loves being adventurous, and I recently helped him with this activity. Kids and parents can dig up plastic dinosaurs in the sandbox and then uncover them to play archaeologist. 

This exercise promotes outdoor play, piques interest in paleontology and history, and offers families an enjoyable time.

Finger Painting

Together, parents and children can explore the creative realm of finger painting. Children can experiment with colors and textures in this sensory-rich activity, which also helps them develop their fine motor skills. 

I believe it is a mess-free method to appreciate art and produce stunning works of art in finger painting.

Pro-Tip: I suggest you take care of your kids while they use any kind of colors for painting. Please make sure they are using washable and herbal paints so that they do not affect their skin.

Solve Problems

I love doing this activity with my kids. A list of things that children and parents would bring to a desert island can inspire problem-solving conversations. 

When family members share their choices, this cooperative activity helps them become better communicators. It brings better understanding and gives insight into one another’s interests.

Draw Animal

My kids and I love this game. Together, parents and children can imagine a pretend animal, brainstorming ideas and sketching🎨 them out on paper. 

This imaginative exercise fosters shared storytelling. It’s a fun family activity that improves fine motor skills to draw imaginary creatures and teamwork to discuss their characteristics.

Draw with Letters

Kids and parents can take a challenge where they have to draw something with just the letters. As kids recognize and utilize letters in new ways, I believe this activity helps them become more proficient readers. 

It encourages self-expression, creativity, and fun for families to spend quality time together.

Indoor Fishing Game

My daughter loves playing this game. Using craft supplies, parents and children can make paper fish for an indoor fishing game. 

They can act out fishing using a rod that has a magnet attached to it. This project improves patience and coordination. It offers a fun method to improve teamwork.

Playing Audiobooks

When I don’t have anything in mind, I prefer playing audiobooks for my kids. If parents choose appropriate stories🎶 for their children, they can enjoy them together. 

This shared listening experience improves comprehension and language skills. It encourages enriching screen-free activity by giving family members a chance to bond over creative stories.

Kite Flying

This game has been an all-time favorite for my kids. Kite flying is a great way for parents and children to get closer. 

I believe creating it with supplies like paper, string, and dowels encourages collaboration. This kind of family time fosters enduring memories and promotes active, healthy lifestyles.

Pro-Tip: I suggest that you do not let your kids fly kites on the terrace. And even when they fly kites on the ground, make sure they do not go too far away. I recommend you to be active while they are running behind the flying kites.

Outdoor Picnic

This is my and my kid’s relaxation time from a busy schedule. By setting up blankets and favorite snacks, parents and children can have an outdoor picnic. 

This activity strengthens family ties by creating a comfortable and laid-back environment. It transforms a straightforward meal into an enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

Long-Jump Competition

A long-jump competition can be planned by parents and children by marking a jumping area with tape or chalk. I believe this enjoyable exercise improves coordination, teamwork, and gross motor skills. 

Families will find it enjoyable to play outside and create enduring memories as it promotes laughter and physical activity.

Pro-Tip: I suggest parents supervise their kids while they make a long jump. Ensure that kids do the stretching first and play with the activity. Also, keep the first aid nearby for an emergency. 

Mini Zoo

By arranging a stuffed animal zoo🫎 with “habitats” in various rooms, parents and children can go on an imaginative journey. 

This creative exercise fosters creativity, storytelling, and organization. I believe that as family members work together to create and arrange the animal habitats, cooperative play and fun are promoted.

Finish the Sketch

I love this game, and my kids collaborate on it, too. Parents can initiate it by sketching a shape and then setting a goal for their child to finish it. 

This encourages imagination and creativity. Together, through creativity, parents and children can fortify their relationships, solve problems, and have fun.

Puzzle Up

I have done this activity, and my kids loved it! Cut up pictures or postcards to make a personalized puzzle 🧩that both parents and children can assemble. 

Both creativity and motor skills are improved by this practical exercise. Putting the puzzle together is fun for families to play together.

Bubble Wrap

Parents can invite their children to jump and play by rolling out Bubble Wrap and securely taping it down. 

I believe this sensory exercise improves gross motor skills, reduces stress, and gives families a fun new way to spend time laughing and being active together.

Pro-Tip: I recommend using bubble wrap that is of soft texture, and parents should supervise their kids while they are inside the bubble wrap. Also, I recommend it to play on the plain surface.

Tower Block

My kids enjoy this activity. Seeing who can construct the tallest block tower can lead to a friendly competition between parents and children. 

This exercise enhances spatial awareness, fine motor abilities, and teamwork. The task fosters imagination and problem-solving skills while offering families a fun and engaging opportunity to connect.

Taste the Food

Put on blindfolds and sample a variety of random foods🥙 to create a taste-testing adventure with your children or parents. 

I believe this exercise encourages communication, exploration, and trust. Family mealtimes become more interesting as a result of their ability to improve taste perception and create a fun, humorous environment.

Get up with no hands

I often do this with my kids to increase their physical fitness. Parents and children can lie down and then get up without using their arms. 

This exercise improves balance, coordination, and core strength. It offers a fun way for families to stay active and healthy together and promotes teamwork.

Make Concert

By selecting instruments, rehearsing favorite songs, and erecting a temporary stage, parents and children can plan a home concert. 

I believe this musical exercise enhances self-esteem, fosters creativity, and fortifies family ties. It offers a fun opportunity for parents and children to bond over their shared love of music.

Color the Page

I do this activity with my 2-year-old daughter. By downloading free printable coloring pages, parents and children can enjoy coloring🎨 together.

It encourages self-expression and fine motor skills, and this creative activity gives parents and kids a relaxing and joyful release. 

It’s an easy and convenient way to relax.

Dance Party

I often dance with my kids and enjoy the moment together. Playing their favorite music and having a wild time in the living room, parents and children can organize an unplanned dance party. 

Through the universal language of music, this activity encourages physical activity, elevates mood, and creates happy moments.

Paper Planes

I play this with my kids, and we have a fun evening. Together, parents and children can make paper airplanes🛩️. 

This activity encourages outdoor play, creativity, and fine motor skills. Families can have a great time while experiencing the excitement of watching their paper airplanes take to the air by flying them.

Mimic Each Other

I often play this game with kids, and the outcome is funny and amazing. By dressing alike and reversing their styles, parents and children can engage in a lighthearted role reversal. 

With shared humor and imaginative play, this creative activity encourages bonding, laughter, and lighthearted moments of joy and connection.

Flower Craft

My kids and I recently enjoyed making a flower💐 craft. Kids and parents can iron flowers and leaves that have been pressed between sheets of wax paper. 

This art project teaches children about plants while also protecting the natural world’s beauty.

Jumping Into a Pile Of Leaves

I sometimes revisit my childhood while playing this game. Making leaf angels and jumping into a pile of leaves are two ways parents and children can enjoy the fall season. 

This playtime is a great outdoor creative play. It offers a fun way for families to appreciate autumn’s beauty.

Balloon Dance

My kids enjoy this dance game. With a balloon🎈, parents and children can have a fun dance party while trying to keep the balloon off the floor. 

This vigorous exercise encourages coordination, physical activity, and laughter. It makes an engaging way for families to spend quality time and enjoy musical moments.


Mirroring is a fun game that parents and children can play together, imitating each other’s movements. I believe this interactive exercise fosters connection, coordination, and communication. 

Through similar gestures and expressions, it promotes creativity, laughter, and a fun way for families to connect.

Hit the Spot

I often play this game with my kids in the evening. Ping-Pong balls can be aimed into sections of an egg🥚 carton to create a fun tossing game. 

This easy-to-learn yet enjoyable exercise improves focus and coordination. It provides a fun opportunity for families to engage in friendly competition and laughter.

Play Leapfrog

My kids love playing this. Leapfrog is an outdoor classic that both parents and children can enjoy. This kind of exercise encourages coordination, fitness, and cooperation. 

A fun and active way for families to spend time outdoors, leapfrog is a game that promotes laughter, solidarity, and good times.

Sketch A Map of the Neighborhood

Kids and parents can sketch a map of their neighborhood, noting important routes and landmarks. 

I believe this artistic endeavor fosters cooperation, observational abilities, and spatial awareness. It gives families a chance to explore their surroundings together and strengthens their sense of community.

Play Cartwheels

This activity has been my kid’s favorite! Kids and parents can challenge one another to the friendly competition of who can perform the most cartwheels🤸. 

This exercise encourages flexibility, balance, and constructive competition. Families can stay active and enjoy times of laughter and fun by engaging in this playful activity.

Mathematical Twist

I often do this activity with my kids. By letting kids help with ingredient portioning, counting, or dividing, parents and kids can add a mathematical twist to mealtimes. 

Meal preparation becomes an interesting and instructive family activity, with this practical activity improving math skills and offering real-world learning experiences.

Collections Of Handmade Items

Creating collections of handmade items or mementos from home can turn parents and children’s toys into a museum. I believe this imaginative exercise fosters narrative, organization, and creativity. 

As kids present their works, it makes them feel proud of them and strengthens family ties by encouraging mutual respect and admiration.

Pounding dough

Pounding dough🫓 together can be a lot of fun for both parents and kids. Making bread or playdough is a hands-on activity that encourages sensory exploration, and I believe it helps kids process emotions like anger and frustration and gives families a tasty and enjoyable way to spend quality time together.

Pro-Tip: I suggest you keep an eye on your kids while they make the dough. The flour or wheat powder might get inside the eyes or can make them sneeze more. Make sure they do not waste food items.

Draw Animal’s Shape

My kids love doing this. Drawing an animal’s basic shape on paper allows parents and children to outline the animal together. 

This creative endeavor fosters communication, observation, and creativity. It gives families a chance to collaborate to explore their creative talents and share imaginative moments.

Egg Carton Caterpillars

Crafting egg carton caterpillars is a fun activity for both parents and children. 

This crafty activity promotes imaginative play and improves fine motor skills by turning egg cartons into adorable creatures. I believe the vibrant caterpillars grow into charming playmates who strengthen family ties through joint arts and crafts.

Flash lighting

I often do this at bedtime, and kids love it. Using flashlights🔦 to explore creative activities in the dark can be a fun activity for parents and children. 

Activities like flashlight tag and shadow puppets give a special opportunity for families to spend quality time under the glow.

Make Your Store

I often play this game with my son, and he acts amazingly. This creative exercise fosters communication, cooperation, and creativity. 

It offers a fun opportunity for kids to learn about entrepreneurship, hone their math abilities, and spend quality time together engaging in lighthearted commerce.

Measure the Plants

In the garden, parents and children can develop math and science skills. Through the process of measuring plant growth, observing patterns, and learning about ecosystems, I believe this practical experience fosters environmental awareness, curiosity, and understanding. 

Cultivating plants and developing kids simultaneously, gardening becomes a joyful and instructive family pastime.

Create a Special Writing Area

At home, parents and children can set up a special writing🖊️ area. Creating a comfortable environment with writing supplies, markers, and inspiring phrases fosters a passion for writing. 

I believe enhancing literacy abilities, encouraging creativity, and offering a space set aside for self-expression are some of the advantages.

Multilingual Restaurant

A multilingual restaurant can be created at home by parents and children. They create menus, handle orders, and have food-related conversations. 

I believe in addition to encouraging creativity and improving language skills, this lighthearted activity gives families a fun way to connect over shared meals.

Mini Museum

I recently made a mini museum 🫏using kid’s favorite creatures. Creating collections of handmade items or mementos from home can turn parent’s and children’s toys into a museum. 

This exercise fosters narrative, organization, and creativity. As kids present their work, it strengthens family ties by encouraging mutual respect and admiration.


I love taking my kids out in the summer for stargazing. Stargazing can be a peaceful evening activity. 

This activity encourages curiosity and a peaceful means for families to engage with the wonders of the night sky. It can be made magical by finding constellations and telling tales beneath the stars.

Don’t Wake Up the Giant Now

This game can be played by parents and children where they set up a sleeping giant (a soft toy or a family member acting pretend) and then tiptoe around silently. 

I believe as families attempt to keep the “giant” from waking, this imaginative and lively activity fosters stealth and laughter.

Rolling on The Floor

I often play this with my kids. For both parents and children, rolling around on the floor is an easy yet entertaining pastime. It encourages movement and laughter and gives families a carefree way to spend enjoyable, unstructured time together. 

Playing games together, such as rolling around on the floor.

Pro-Tip: I always watch out for my kids when they are rolling on the floor. I recommend doing it outside the room, like on the grass, or by using a soft yoga mat.

Act as If

My kids and I love acting. Operation is a classic game that’s fun for both parents and kids. Players take turns doing “surgery” 🏥 to remove pieces without setting off the buzzer. 

This activity gives families an enjoyable and instructive way to spend playful moments together while also enhancing fine motor skills and concentration.

Drawing Tattoo

My son loves drawing tattoos on my arms. Using washable markers or temporary tattoos, parents and children can pretend to be tattoo artists and make amusing designs on each other’s skin. 

This creative and imaginative activity fosters creativity, strengthens family bonds, and gives families a fun way to express themselves.

Watermelon-Themed T-Shirts

I believe watermelon-themed T-shirts are a lot of fun to dip-dye for children.

With fabric dye or even natural dyes like beet juice, this imaginative activity fosters creativity and teamwork while producing a customized, fashionable shirt that can be worn.

It’s an enjoyable way to experiment with tie-dying methods.

Bath Fizzes 

Making bath fizzes 🧼together is a fun way for parents and kids to enjoy a fragrant and fizzy bath. 

I believe this DIY project encourages creativity and chemistry awareness while giving families a fun and relaxing way to make personalized bath treats using baking soda, citric acid, and essential oils.

Craft out of Trash

My kids love making something creative out of trash. Through this activity, parents and children can embrace the holiday spirit. 

This imagination encourages eco-friendly crafting using recycled materials, craft paper, or even a small potted plant. It also makes a lovely decoration to celebrate the holidays with family and friends.

Making Sugar Candies

I often do this with my kids; they also love helping me. Making sugar candies is a fun activity for both parents and children. 

Sugar is dissolved in water, boiled, and then cooled in melds. Families can enjoy homemade sugar candies with fun and engage in cooking.

Pro-Tip: I always do this with my 5-year-old son, and I have never let my very young daughter come to the kitchen. I also recommend to you that please don’t let your kids pour the hot sugar into a plate. The boiling point of sugar might damage their skin.

Rainbow-Colored Crayons

By melting broken crayon pieces in silicone molds, parents and children can make rainbow-colored 🌈crayons. This vibrant activity improves fine motor skills, creativity, and recycling. 

Coloring is made even more fun by the multicolored crayons that are produced; they offer a lively and colorful medium for artistic expression.

Introduce Poetries

I often introduce simple poetries to my kids. Kids can select topics such as emotions, seasons, or nature.

This stimulating activity develops self-expression, language proficiency, and a greater appreciation for the beauty of words, encouraging creativity and a passion for reading.

Play Chess

I often play chess with my kids. A game of chess can be played between parents and children. It encourages critical thinking and focus, and this game offers families a fun opportunity to connect over a classic board game🧩. 

It’s a chance to exchange knowledge, tactics, and healthy rivalry. 

Look At Old Pictures

When my kids are tired, I take out some good old pictures. Looking at old pictures can help parents and children treasure their memories. 

This pastime fosters relationships by encouraging storytelling and the sharing of family history. It’s a touching way for families to remember the good old days.

Play Catch

My kids love playing this with me. Playing catch can be a simple but fun activity for parents and children. 

Using a softball, frisbee, or even a beanbag, this game helps families have a laid-back way to enjoy outdoor activities together while developing motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Play Hide and Seek

This game is, again, an interesting one for my daughter. A timeless and classic game that both parents and children can enjoy is hide-and-seek. 

While others hide, one person closes their eyes and counts. This engaging activity gives families a thrilling opportunity to experience moments of suspense and discovery.

Visit Library

Parents and children can have a fun time when they visit the library together. I believe families can explore new books📑, attend tale time sessions, and develop a common appreciation of literature on this educational outing that fosters a love of reading and exploration.


I often do this with my 2-year-old daughter. At home, parents and children can pretend to be hair stylists, taking turns styling each other’s hair. 

This exercise fosters playfulness, strengthens fine motor skills, and fosters bonds between people. Families can have fun trying out various hairstyles and sharing laughs.

Catch and Release Lightning Bugs

I often take my kids out to catch lightning bugs, and they love it. This can make a magical evening for parents and children. 

As families catch and release these glowing insects, this fosters a love of nature and a wonderful chance to share a moment. It’s an ageless experience.

Pro-Tip: I always take care of my kids when they go to catch bugs. I recommend you take care of your kids while catching bugs because they might bite, and make sure that kids release them again in the air. Also, make sure they wash their hands after catching them.

Balloon Tennis

My kids love this differently. Kids and parents can play a fun game of balloon tennis. This indoor activity🧩 encourages coordination and laughter, providing a fun and safe way for families to enjoy a tennis-inspired game without the need for a tennis court. 

It uses balloons and makeshift racquets.

Play with Clay

My son and I made mini sculptures out of clay. Parents and children can discover their creative side using clay. 

Families can shape and mold unique creations together with this activity, which fosters imagination and motor skills. It’s a fantastic way to enjoy the process of working with clay.

Pro-Tip: I always make sure my kids are safe while playing with clay. I suggest you supervise them while they use clay and wash their hands properly after making crafts.

Minor League Baseball

Attending a minor league baseball game is a fun way for parents and kids to spend a day together. 

I believe this family-friendly sporting event fosters a love of baseball, strengthens family ties, and offers a fun way to support the neighborhood team. Together, you can enjoy your favorite pastime.

Rearrange Furniture

I often call out to my kids to help me rearrange the room. Rearranging a room’s furniture 💺can give parents and children a creative and new start to the day. 

With this enjoyable home makeover project, families can create a new look and strengthen their bonds while also encouraging teamwork.


Parental games and activities 🧩 will keep your kids engaged and help them develop critical skills that should be a part of everyday routines.

I hope you enjoyed and gained a clear understanding of how to involve your kids in a fun way and make a memorable celebration by reading the activities 🧩 listed above.

If you have any questions for me to answer, or if you have any more ideas for activities to add to this list, please leave a comment below. I would appreciate hearing from you! ❤️

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